Mainly Water Applications

2019-07-04 14:54:50
 Drinking water treatment

when used in drinking water treatment, ozone not only has good sterilization effect without secondary pollution, but also has the functions of destaining, odor removal, removal of iron and manganese, oxidation and decomposition of organic matter, and coagulation accelaration, etc.

Sewage treatment

As a good oxidizer, ozone is capable of killing viruses and fungus gemma with strong resistance to chlorine, disintegrating hardly biodegradable organic matter and mutation inducible, cancerigenic and chromosome aberration inducible substance, and improving the biodegradability of waste water. Ozone is capable of removing color, odor, phenol and chlorine, and increasing dissolved oxygen in water, thus improving water quality.

Swimming pool water treatment

The water sued in the swimming pool is treated by ozone sterilization, which has relatively good algaeremoval effect when compared with the traditional methods of chlorination, bleaching powder, copper sulfate, etc, and does not result in secondary pollution and risks like dazzling water, skin irritation, large-scale poisoning due to liquefied chlorine gas, etc.

Aquaculture water treatment

Ozone, as it is strong oxidant, disinfectant and catalyst has been widely used not only in the industry, but also in water disinfection, water quality improvement and preventing the pathogenic microorganism in aquaculture and red tide. The pathogenic microorganism can be provented by using ozone system to disinfect aquaculture water and facilities, As ozone has high efficiency in disinfection, water purification and do not cause undesired by-product, it is the ideal disinfectant for aquaculture.