Application and function of ozone

2019-07-04 11:20:06
 Ozone, as a strong oxidation agent, disinfectant, refining agent and catalytic agent, has been widely used in the industries of petroleum, textile chemicals, food, pharmaceutical, perfume, environment protection, Ozone was first used in water treatment in 1905, solving the drinking water quality problem, At present, in Japan, America and most of the European countries, ozone technology has been widely used in mecial devices and tableware disinfection, As a strong oxidation agent, ozone is having more and more application in textile, printing, dyeing, paper making, odor removal, decoloration, aging treatment and bioengineering. The main feature of ozone is its gas status (compose of three oxygen atom) and strong oxidability. The oxidability is slightly lower than fluorine, but much higher than chlorine, having high oxudation efficiency and no harmful byproduct. Hence, it has entensive application in different industries

Ozone has a lot of functions and they are mainly as follows:

Disinfection: Eliminate virus and bacteria in the air and water quickly and completely. Accoring to the test report, more than 99% of the bacteria and virus in water will be eliminated in ten to twenty minutes when there is 0.05ppm residual ozone concentration, Hence, ozone can be used in tap water, waste water, swimming pool water, and drinking water disinfection; food storage room disinfection; hospital, school, kindergarten, office, food processing factory, pharmaceutical factory air purification; surface disinfection, hospital and domestic wastewater disinfection

Detoxification: with the development of industry and commerce, there is a lot of harmful substance around us, for example: carbon monoxide (CO), pesticide, heavy metal, chemical fertilizer, organism, and odor. They will be decomposed into harmless substance after treated by ozone.

Food storage: in Japan, America and European countries, the application of using ozone for food storage to prevent food from rot and extend the storage period, have been quite common.

Color removal: ozone is a strong oxidation agent, so it can be used for textile, food and wastewater color removal.

Odor removal: ozone is a strong oxidation agent, so it can quickly eliminate odor from the air or water completely. So it can be used in waste, swwage, farming odor treatment, etc.