500G/h ozone generator

Ozone output500g/h
Warranty1 YEAR, 12 Months
Lifetime5-8 years
Cooling waywater cooling
Ozone concentration100-120mg/l

1. Detailed configuration list
Composition of ozone generator: 500g cellular ozone generator tower, ozone power supply, stainless steel housing, digital display ammeter, digital display voltmeter, ozone indicator, power indicator, fan, ozone concentration adjustment knob, etc.

Ozone generator features: efficient dehydroxylation quartz tube ozone generator, honeycomb ultra-long life design, higher ozone concentration, its power and volume are smaller than similar products.

300g / h air source ozone system supply list and service scope

2. Product features and performance description

◆ Advanced honeycomb corona discharge technology

◆ Optimal mechanical design

◆ Advanced IGBT power supply unit

◆ Low harmonic pollution

◆ Low energy consumption

◆ High ozone concentration, strong and durable

◆ Compact structure

◆ Low maintenance workload

◆ Automatic interface control

◆ Discharge body

 The ozone discharge chamber uses a quartz tube discharge body. The discharge body has a large ozone output and a high ozone concentration. It can maximize the function of the power supply system and the cooling system. It is the key to a large output high concentration ozone generator.

4. Environmental conditions and design conditions

  4.1 Environmental conditions

  4.1.1 Temperature: The annual average temperature is 12.1 ℃, the minimum temperature is> 0 ℃, and the maximum temperature is 38.8 ℃.

  4.1.2 Humidity: The annual average relative humidity is 61.5%, the monthly average maximum relative humidity is 85%, and the monthly average minimum relative humidity is 35%.

  4.1.3 Atmospheric pressure: The annual average pressure is 101.59KPa, the highest pressure is 104.5KPa, and the lowest pressure is 98.6KPa.

  4.1.4 Cooling water: general industrial tap water.

  4.2 Design conditions: The ozone generator is designed according to indoor installation requirements, and the user should ensure that the equipment operates within the design conditions.

  4.2.1 Temperature: The design ambient temperature range of the ozone generator is 0-40 ℃.

  4.2.2 Humidity: The design relative humidity of the ozone generator is less than or equal to 75%.

  4.2.3 Cooling water temperature: The cooling water temperature of the ozone generator is less than 30 ℃.

  4.2.4 Atmospheric pressure: The ozone generator is designed according to the standard atmospheric pressure, that is, the atmospheric pressure is 101.3KPa.

  4.3 Air source conditions: The ozone generator is an air source, and the dew point of the air source is required to be <-23 ° C.

  4.4 Power supply conditions: There is 220v / 50Hz AC power supply indoors, and some ozone equipment also needs 380V / 50Hz AC power supply.


5. Ozone generator design, manufacturing and inspection standards

5.1 Ozone generator design and manufacturing standards

   5.1.1. The People's Republic of China Urban Construction Industry Standard CJ / T3028.1-1994 "Ozone Generator";

   5.1.2. Technical Conditions for the Certification of Environmental Protection Products by the State Environmental Protection Administration of China HCRJ058-1999 "Ozone Generator".

 5.2 Ozone generator inspection standard

   5.2.1. The People's Republic of China Urban Construction Industry Standard CJ / T3028.2-1994 "Measurement of Ozone Generator Ozone Concentration, Output, and Power Consumption".

6. Matters needing attention and after-sales service

Note: The mechanical equipment must be placed in a place free of oil pollution, clean air, and dry ventilation to prolong the service life of the mechanical equipment; the room should be free of flammable and explosive gases and conductive dust, and it is forbidden to install in dangerous areas where there is a danger of explosion.

1. Equipment warranty period

The warranty period of the equipment is one year warranty and life-long maintenance from the date of leaving the equipment;

2. Training of operation and maintenance personnel

Arrange for free operation and maintenance personnel training for the owner to achieve:

①The operator can skillfully operate the equipment;

② Maintenance personnel need to master the daily maintenance and repair work of the equipment.

3. User visit

Not less than once during the warranty period; check the operation status of the equipment and provide users with reasonable suggestions.

4. Troubleshooting

① After receiving the information about the malfunction of the user equipment, give the user a clear reply on the day;

5. other service

① Regularly remind users to replace wearing parts, check equipment and precautions.

6. quality promise: 

①The provided equipment meets the requirements of your company, and on the premise of ensuring that the equipment meets the quality indicators of the provided technical documents, ensure the safety, reliability, and stability of the equipment.

② The supplier guarantees to the buyer: if the equipment fails due to defects in the design and manufacturing and the defects in the material, the supplier will repair and replace the new damaged parts for the buyer free of charge for a period of one year warranty Inside.

③In normal use, the service life of the whole equipment is 10 years.

④The supply of accessories is not affected by the modification of the equipment, and the users will be provided with the accessories of the equipment at the most favorable price for the rest of the life. If one of the following occurs during the warranty period, it does not belong to the free maintenance scope:

A. The environment is too humid or the water inside the machine structure causes product loss

B. Unauthorized modification of product structure leads to product damage

C. Product damage due to natural disasters or other force majeure

D. The machine malfunctions due to improper operation.