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Model HY-028 Car Indoor Air Purifier&Ionizer

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Model HY-028 Car Indoor Air Purifier&Ionizer


The advance pantented technology of Jiahuan Car Air Purifier combines oxygen with anion to produce ozone (O3) which eliminated bacteia and viruses to purify the ir effectively, neutralizes and degrades harmful substances, eliminates tobacco smell as well as odours. Ozone (O3) converts polluted substances to oxygen (O2) after degradation and elimination to give you a freshness of natural forest. In addition, Jiahuan Car Air Purifier has been ultra-compact and delicate designed for convenience and easy use.

Q: How does Jiahuan Car Air Purifier purify air in the car?

A: Ozone(O3) emitted from Jiahuan Car Air Purifier helps to eliminate bacteria and viruses to purify the air effectively, neutralise and degrades harmful substances, eliminates tobacco smell as well as odour. Ozone(O3) will then convert polluted substances to oxygen(O2) after degradation and elimination to give you a freshness of natural forest

Q: Why should we install Jiahuan Car Air Purifier?

A: Under the temperature and humidity of a sealed car compartment, formaldehyde, benzene and ammonia will encourge the groth of bacteria and mites. This will cause dizziness, fatigue, nause and respiratory infectious diseases such as tonsillitis, bronchitis and pneumonia. Furthermore, such condition aggravates illness and brings harm to our health. Besides, Staphylococcus aureus which is normally found in car will produce foul odour, whereas dust and dirt will affext the efficiency of air conditioner. Therefore, we need Jiahuan Car Air Purifier to eliminate bacteria, neutralise and degrade toxic and harmful gas as well as elimate odour.


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Model HY-028 Car Indoor Air Purifier&Ionizer

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