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Standard for ozone generator in food factory air and water treatment

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Standard for ozone generator in food factory air and water treatment

1. Ozone concentration standard

international: 0.1ppm;   USA: 0.1pp;   Germany, Japan, and France: 0.1ppm;  China: 0.15ppm.

2. Ozone has a broad spectrum and Strong oxidizing. Four main function: purification, sterilization, disinfection and color removal without the residue.

The internal health organization has made a comparison and conclude for the function between the ozone generator with other diinfection chorline, and get a result, 03 > HCLO > CLO2 > Ag+  > CLO > Fe3+ > NHCL3

Ozone has a strong oxidation, except gold and platinum, the odor of the air almost all of the metal corrosion. Aluminum, zinc, lead and ozone exposure will be strong oxidation, but chrome alloy (stainless steel) basically not affected by ozone corrosion.

3. Basic feature for ozone

Its name is 0ZONE, molecular formula O3, the molecular weight of 48, is an allotrope of oxygen (O2), composed of three atoms of oxygen and ozone under normal temperature is light blue, grass smell gas, 1 ppm ozone =1.963mg/m3, under standard conditions, ozone p = 2.144g/L, air p = 1.293 g/L. The solubility of ozone in water is about 10-15 times of oxygen. Poor stability in water.

Ozone decomposition, unstable state in the air the half-life of the ozone is 22.5 minutes, an hour decay rate was 61%, air ozone in water at 25 DEG C its solubility only 3-7mg/L, pure ozone in water solubility of up to 1372mg/L. In 1% aqueous ozone half-life about for 16 minutes, and the higher the temperature, humidity is big and shorter half lives.

4. Ozone concentration in water treatment

The solubility of ozone in water is between 0.1mg/L-10mg/L. Low value as the minimum concentration of water disinfection and purification requirements, high value as the "ozone water disinfectant" can achieve the value of the concentration. Ozone with detoxification, preservation, deodorization and odor.

Tap water purification, the international standard for conventional 0.4mg/L solubility value, keep for 4 minutes, the CT value is 1.6.

The solubility of ozone treatment should be bottled water 0.3-0.5mg/L value, ozone dosage should meet the requirements of water by 1m3 2gO3

5. Ozone concentration in air purification

As the odor removal and sterilization of air, ozone requirements of low concentration, such as 0.5ppm (1mg/m3), and items (surface disinfection germicidal and chemical pollution removal) is required to improve the ozone concentration several times.

Low temperature, high humidity, good sterilization effect, especially humidity, relative humidity is less than 45%, ozone to airborne microorganisms almost no killing effect. It gradually increased in 60%, reached a maximum value at 95%.

With the ozone disinfection of food processing plant, 0.5-1.0ppm can kill 80% of the natural bacteria in the air. Cold storage disinfection requirements of the ozone concentration 6-10ppm, shut down after the closure of more than 24 hours of bacteria killing rate of about 90%.

In the fruit during storage, ozone can make available 2-3ppm fungi inhibited the growth of storage period can be prolonged. Ozone water for sterilization of food is very simple, the concentration in the 0.5-1.0ppm, can achieve the purpose of sterilization.

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Standard for ozone generator in food factory air and water treatment

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