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The view of the ozone treatment for the pool water by Guangzhou Jiahuan Ozone

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  1. Pool using ozone disinfection should be used when counterflow cycle cloth of water, in this case, the ozone containing water can quickly mixed with the water in the pool, it is possible to without adding other chemical agents, such as chloride, flocculant, pH regulator, in actual operation, counterflow cloth of water to bring other benefits only swimming pool management to truly appreciate, such as floats on water easy to remove, energy saving, small pool cleaning workload etc..

2  swimming pool water use ozone disinfection, do not have to remove the remaining ozone, the remaining ozone in the water will not achieve the concentration of man-made damage.

3  the use of counter current type of non - removal of ozone, if the pool water according to the specifications of the cycle, in the normal traffic flow, the ozone dosage in 0.5mg/l, can meet the needs of disinfection, but should be considered when designing a margin.

4. The ORP controller in water by ozone concentrations were monitored. When the pool of the backwater of the ozone concentration is high (greater than 0.15ppm), close the ozone generator.

5. The filtration of water quality plays a decisive role, in the filter material particle size in the 0.6-1.0mm. If the thickness of the filter layer (not including the supporting layer thickness) up to 900mm, ozone dosage is can reduce. Otherwise, adding more ozone also is not up to the design requirements.

6.  almost all the data about avoiding excessive ozone into the pool of swimmers and human lungs. The so-called "too much" refers to the people in the air within 8 hours of the ozone concentration in the 0.1ppm above, this is the United States and the United States and the United States authorities. Theoretical analysis and practical application show that a typical ozone generator designed for swimming pool is never reached this level.

7. If adding chlorine preparation, residual chlorine is up to 0.1ppm, can meet the need of disinfection.

8 if the activated carbon, can be used as a biological filter material, to degrade the organic matter and ammonia nitrogen in water, at this time should not be put in a long time to prevent the use of fungicides to prevent the microbial biomass, and a small amount of ozone water through activated carbon. There are two purposes in this case: one is disinfection, the other is to decompose the organic matter which is difficult to be decomposed into biodegradable organic matter, and the ability of improving the organic matter of the organism is improved.


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The view of the ozone treatment for the pool water by Guangzhou Jiahuan Ozone

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