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Many use of ozone in air

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The Many Uses of Ozone

Ozone is an incredibly versatile means of achieving clean, sanitised environments either as a stand alone approach or in combination with other techniques. Here are some of the more common uses of ozone.


Remove or Control Household Odours

Ozone is very possibly the most powerful and effective eliminator of smoke and odours.  Ozone eliminates tobacco smoke, its impurities or Phenol gases, and odours from cooking, pets, mould, mildew and often the sources of household odours.  Disinfecting and purifying with ozone provides a much healthier home, atmosphere and environment.


Hotels, Restaurants, Motels, Bed and Breakfast, Room Odour Removal

Ozone generators are particularly used by hotels and restaurants which have high standards of hygiene and health.  Hotels and restaurants will find a portable ozone generator invaluable for performing deodourising functions where nothing else would work.  Ozone units are used for various areas in the hotel including the kitchen, lounge, bars, bathrooms, rest rooms, offices, bedrooms and refuse storage rooms.  Customers who react negatively with chemical deodourisers will appreciate the hypo-allergenic non irritating environment ozone creates.

Clean-up time for a problem room is shortened with the use of an ozone generator.  Turn a room with a bad odour into a fresh new smelling odour free room often in less than 20-60 minutes!  This will allow rooms to be in service much faster.  Rooms will stay fresh and customers will appreciate the fresh odour-free room that ozone creates.  Also, use of an ozone generator will disinfect the air and surfaces, reducing the risk of bacterial, viral and other infections.  Ozone is proven to be an effective way to reduce room cancellations from odour complaints.


Pet and Animal Odours

In homes, veterinary hospitals/clinics, offices and kennels, ozone can take care of odourous surfaces and make the presence of animals hardly noticeable.  Using shock treatments ozone can remove offensive pet odours.  Disinfecting pet areas with ozone kills mould & bacteria and this creates a healthier environment for pets, their owners, hospitals, and kennels. Please be aware that ozone shock treatments should not be done with pets or people in the room.


Cigarette & Cigar Smoke Elimination

Ozone eliminates the irritation caused by phenol gasses, by oxidizing them.  Phenol gases are the invisible part of tobacco smoke that causes discomfort to eyes and creates the offensive odours.  Ozone rids any environment of the effects of smoke completely, rather than merely filtering out some of the visible particles like an electronic air cleaner or air filter system.  For restaurants, bars, or pool halls, these units have proven to be invaluable and help keep clientele coming back!  Ozone Generators are far more effective than smoke eaters, ionizers or air filters for removing smoke & smoke odours.


Mould Decontamination, Control & Removal

Mould can be a problem in any damp or wet environment.  Moulds & mildew are the number one cause of allergic symptoms.  Many harmful types of mould & fungus can be found worldwide.  They grow in high-cellulose material, such as wood straw, hay, wet leaves, dry wall, carpets, wall papers, fibre-boards, some ceiling tiles, insulation, and more.  These types are wet and may be slimy to the touch and grow in medium to high humidity (55%+).  Even when dry, this type of mould can causes respiratory problems.  Using an ozone generator, you can help reduce, control and many times eliminate mould growth in your business and home.


Fire and Flood Restoration

Professional Fire restoration companies regularly use ozone generators for the removal of fire & flood odours.  Fire and flood damage odours are the most difficult odours to remove.  With a powerful ozone generator, these odours can be removed.  Shock treating with high levels of ozone will remove the odour and allow the room to be habitable.

Due to the strong oxidizing power of ozone it is an extremely useful tool in the field of fire and flood restoration.  In a smoke and fire damaged building ozone will eliminate smoke odours in the carpets, curtains, wood, cupboards, clothing etc.  In a flood damaged building ozone can be used once all the moisture has been removed. The ozone will eliminate musty odours and prevent growth of fungus, mould and mildew.  Ozone is a much more economically viable option to restore fire and flood damaged buildings than any other conventional treatment method.


Building Cleaning Services

Ozone is effective for preventing the growth of bacteria and mildew in a bathroom as well as neutralizing any unpleasant bathroom odours.  Ozone generators can be fitted into public rest rooms to maintain a low level of bacteria and deodourise the area, creating the most sanitary conditions possible for clients and guests.  Ozone generators can be used by cleaning personnel in an office area to deodourise and neutralize any lingering smells.  The ozone generator can be left on in an empty room to sanitise and deodourise the room, getting rid of musty stale smells and permeating the curtains and carpet killing bacteria and mildew.  A portable unit can be used to deodourise rooms, offices or bathrooms or small permanent units can be installed in each room or bathroom.


Vehicle Restoration

Ozone effectively deodourises cars/automobiles, boats, trucks, vans, buses, and work vehicles.  In addition to deodourisation, ozone also kills germs that lurk on surfaces.  Ozone permeates the fabric of the boat or car interior, neutralizing the bacteria responsible for unwanted smells.  Therefore, ozone doesnt mask the odours, but oxidises and kills the cause of the odour.  Ozone generators can be used in vehicles such as cars, boats and campervans to prevent hay fever, and to kill the smell of cigarette smoke and mustiness from damp upholstery.  Car valet companies use ozone units to deodourise and disinfect cars.  Portable units can be used to perform a shock treatment to eliminate odours.

Another large market for ozone generators is second hand car dealerships as well as car rental agencies.  Ozone will also stop and prevent the growth of mould, mildew and fungus.  Ozone ruptures the cell membrane of organisms such as mould, mildew, spores, bacteria and fungus, thus killing them.  The ozone shock treatment eliminates odours permanently, providing the contamination is not reintroduced.  Ozone also oxidises diesel, carbon monoxide and other chemical fumes.

Ozone proves to be invaluable for use in auto sales and restorations.  With ozone shock treatments, vehicles smell fresh and clean.  A fresh and clean smelling vehicle will sell faster and bring more profits after an ozone shock treatment.


School Classrooms & Buses

One of the most inviting environments for the incubation of any kind of bacteria are those places where little ventilation exists, where the temperature is warm and a certain degree of humidity prevails.  In classrooms and on school buses the combination of groups of people, the heating system and perspiration on bodies and in the atmosphere paves the optimum way for bacteria and micro-organisms to multiply.  The application of ozone in schools deodourises the environment and regenerates oxygen resulting in a completely clean environment free from bacteria, micro-organisms and odours.


Boat / Ship / Cruise Line Odour

Boats often develop strong bacterial, mould, fish and other odours. Ozone is excellent for removing and controlling these odours. Cruise ship companies can use ozone generators for room decontamination and odour removal just as in hotels and motels.


Kill Dust Mites & Control Insects and Vermin

Dust mites are destroyed with ozone shock treatments!  Insects and vermin stay away from high levels of ozone.  Ozone helps to remove their odours and keeps them from returning.  Ozone is also used in attics to help keep rodents, birds, squirrels and certain insects out.  For example, a cockroach finds food and their home by the sense of smell. An ozone shock treatment can kill the odours of not only the food location, but of the cockroachs home.  It is known that cockroaches will not leave their home if they cannot smell their way back. Also, if they smell no food, theyre not interested!


Remove Indoor Air Pollution

Indoor air pollution, or sick building syndrome, is now a foremost health concern for even newer buildings today.  For newer buildings, the condition is created by the application of energy efficiency in the construction of buildings, and work places. Many of these buildings are sealed better than ever before and do not have adequate ventilation to provide enough fresh air exchange.  With an ozone generator, this condition and resulting contamination can be reduced or eliminated, creating a safer and altogether healthier indoor atmosphere.  Hotels, motels, restaurants, bars, lobbies, beauty shops, dry cleaners, and all enclosed public areas can be decontaminated from odours by destroying the odour source with ozone.  Customers enjoy a healthier, odour free environment when in an establishment that uses ozone.


Air Conditioning Duct Sterilization

Unhealthy air in air-conditioned buildings and homes is an international issue that continues to worsen.  Governments recognize that certain air contaminants cause wide spread discomfort, absenteeism and reduced productivity. Airborne microorganisms have been demonstrated to be the leading cause of problems such as BRI (Building Related Illness) and SBS (Sick Building Syndrome).  Ozone has gained a reputation for rapidly improving indoor air quality and preventing BRI.  Ozone gas is widely used to treat ventilation ducts using two methods.  Periodic duct cleaning and continuous duct dosing.  It is ideal for air conditioning ducts and heating ducts, found throughout residential, commercial and industrial buildings.  Ozone duct dosing is suitable for residential and office buildings, hotels, clubs, hospitals, animal holding facilities etc.  Dosing the air conditioning system will reduce odours and harmful micro-organisms in the space being ventilated, as well as preventing micro-organisms from growing and multiplying within the duct itself.  The use of ozone can reduce power consumption and system costs by 30% due to less make up air required (cleaner re-circulated air) and lower pressure drop (due to less mould on filter and condenser coils).


Hydroponics or Greenhouse use

Hydroponics or greenhouse companies often use ozone to create a growing environment inhospitable to moulds, viruses, bacteria, & bugs, resulting in better, healthier growth, and higher profits.  Plants can grow faster and healthier with the correct application of ozone.  Another significant effect is the reduction and elimination of the odours often associated with a hydroponics facility.


Food Packaging & Transportation Extend Shelf Life

Ozone is now approved by the FDA for use in meat, fruit, vegetable and other food packaging and processing plants for more thorough sanitisation of the produce itself and the environment in which it is packed and processed. Using ozone can dramatically reduce or eliminate the need for chemicals and significantly reduce water and energy use, since there is no chemical residue with ozone and it does not require high temperatures to be effective.  Indeed, ozone is 3000 times more germicidal than chlorine and works best at low temperatures.


Preservation, Storage and Transportation of Fruit and Vegetables

Ozone has a favourable effect on many refrigerated goods and is especially suitable for use in food packaging lines, ships and trucks. Ozone can:

Deodourise and sterilise refrigerating spaces and stores

Prevent transmission of odours

Control the growth of mildew

Prolong shelf life

Improve the taste and appearance of produce

Provide a totally organic alternative to chemical use

Reduce the risk of cross-contamination of pathogens


Painting Contractors; Neutralize Fumes

Due to the strong oxidising power of ozone it is extremely useful for eliminating paint fumes and odours directly after a room or building has been painted.  Ozone doesnt merely mask offensive odours, it oxidises the cause of any odour problem.  Because ozone is a gas, it can penetrate into small areas and onto surfaces which cant be treated as effectively with any other deodourising agent.  The advantage of this ozone treatment is that occupants of the building can occupy the building immediately after it has been painted without any discomfort due to the fumes and smells or any unnecessary delays.


Aircraft Odour and Fungi Control

Airlines spend vast amounts of money on chemicals to disinfect aircraft. The sterilizing power of ozone is the strongest known element to be used against bacteria, micro-organisms, fungus and certain insect larvae and can therefore be used to eliminate or reduce the use of hazardous chemicals. The most appropriate environment for the incubation of any kind of bacteria are those places where little ventilation exists, where the temperature is warm and a certain degree of humidity prevails. In aircraft the combination of groups of people, the heating system and perspiration on bodies and in the atmosphere pave the way for the best conditions for bacteria and micro-organisms to multiply. The application of ozone in aircraft deodourises the environment and regenerates oxygen resulting in a completely clean environment free from bacteria, micro-organisms and odours.  Portable units can be used by aircraft cleaning personnel to easily deodourise and disinfect the aircraft.  The efficiency of the ozone units can easily be demonstrated especially after long international flights.


Odour Control for Sewage Plants

Effective odour control and air purification requires that the odour or impurities be contained in either a ventilation stream or confined space. The odours and impurities can then be selectively treated. In most cases, those odours and contaminants generated by bacterial or organic action in either aerobic or anaerobic environments can be neutralized by oxidation using ozone. The resulting reaction compounds are innocuous and odourless.  Properly controlled injection of ozone is an effective, inexpensive method of oxidizing hydrogen sulfide and methane.  Each facility will have unique problems with contaminants and environmental conditions, therefore desired solutions are addressed on an individual basis.  All of these factors must be considered when designing a deodourising/purification system.


Funeral Directors and Mortuaries

Ozone has a variety of uses for hygiene and sanitation, and is well suited to funeral directors establishments and mortuaries. The use of ozone shows an important progression in the field of disinfecting, sterilisation and deodourisation because it is a natural oxidising gas, which uses no chemicals and leaves no dangerous chemical residue, making it the most healthy and effective alternative to chemicals. Ozone oxidises bacteria and viruses thereby killing the organisms which are responsible for causing unpleasant odours. For this reason ozone is very effective for use in a mortuary, and will also slow down the rate of decay and provide a more sanitary working atmosphere for staff.


Bowling Alleys: Odour Control

Ozone can be used effectively in bowling alleys to accomplish several functions:

Reduction of smoke and smoke odours

Deodourisation of stale alcohol odours

Oxidisation of all other unpleasant odours

Deodourisation and disinfection of bowling shoes

Deodoursation and disinfection of bathrooms and kitchens

Eliminates bacteria, mould, mildew and fungus


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Many use of ozone in air

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