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Large ozone generator instructions and use

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Large ozone generator instructions and use


1, ozone generator installation personnel must go through technical training to boot repair.

2, the use of ozone sterilization, non-staff work and work at a higher concentration of ozone environment.

3, remember when the processing power equipment maintenance or repair

1, ozone generator installation personnel must go through technical training to boot repair.

2, the use of ozone sterilization, non-staff work and work at a higher concentration of ozone environment.

3. Remember processing power when maintenance or repair broken equipment and to carry out ozone deflated state, it can be a good service to ensure the safety of personnel.

4 and, if abnormal, please inform professional power outage or maintenance personnel immediately.

5 qualified dedicated grounding wire, safe and reliable grounding, prohibiting the installation of the ammonia leak prone or risk of explosion hazard zone

6. A method of operating personnel on the application process should be aware of the ozone generator, and can be trained to operate the sterilization equipment.

      7. In cases where there ozone leak at the first time to close the ozone generator, and open the ventilation and air-handling equipment, immediate exit ozone generator space, space and other residual ozone at safe re-entry.


Large ozone generator main purposes

Vegetables, fruits, meat food sterilization, disinfection, reducing pesticide residues.

For mineral water, purified water, medical water, water disinfection and preservation process.

For aquaculture water disinfection, control of aquatic diseases.

Sewage sterilization, bleaching, swimming pool water disinfection and purification.

Packaging disinfection, environmental disinfection, air purification, chemical synthesis, materials modification.

Ozone generator for air sterilization washing machine shop industry and similar locations and surface sterilization. So when using ozone disinfection What should you pay attention to?

1, the impact on staff

    Theoretical study of the relationship between concentration and time planning staff ozone exposure into several zones, asymptomatic stimulate region, with symptoms district, temporary damage areas. Asymptomatic efficiency study area than mature, there is little research area and temporary symptoms of damage area damage area only theoretical derivation. Asymptomatic area is where the presence of persons from the ozone back to the natural environment, generated by the reaction will soon disappear without damage. Asymptomatic area can be summarized as follows:

    a, smell sensitive person can perceive at 0.01ppm, 0.02ppm average person can smell the blunt noses in 0.1 ppm, time will be significantly felt. This concentration is completely harmless to people and make some freshness. General forest area can be up to 0.1ppm, the sea of 0.05ppm. Some cities in the summer sunshine, a concentration of up to 0.03-0.1ppm. Ministry of Health in 1979 to develop "industrial hygiene standards" set forth safety standards for ozone 0.15ppm. American standards, staff can at 0.1ppm concentration, working eight hours. International Ozone Association standards. Application of professional indoor ozone at 0.1ppm concentration, allowed to work 10 hours.

    b, causing the concentration of staff must react to 0.5-1ppm, allow contact time in less than 1.5 hours. A long time will feel dry mouth and discomfort.

    c, the concentration of lead in the 1-4ppm person coughs, allowing a contact time of one hour.

    d, concentration in 4-10ppm strong cough can cause, allow a contact time of 20 minutes.

    Some other information for the guidance, the ozone concentration in the 0.098-0.98ppm the environment, human contact one hour, there will be heart, nausea, heartburn, reduced lung capacity and other symptoms. In 5.13-9.70ppm, the human body will be pain, numbness, and lead to pulmonary edema.

2. Ensure that the ozone generator gas drying washing

    Since the ionization O2 is to use high-voltage discharge, and therefore must be absolutely guaranteed drying gas, otherwise it will burn the discharge tube. Each down more than a week, reboot the system must be purged from 1 to 2 hours, must not make the water back to the generator, dryers, nor allow moist air into the generator.

3, to ensure water-cooled ozone generator cooling water washing normal supply

    For normal operation of the cooling water is very important to the ozone generator, the cooling water is not only suitable O3 affect yield, but is a prerequisite for the normal operation of the generator.

4. Ozone disinfection must always use safety

    When the ozone gas as a raw material, because of its combustion and accelerate the burning of properties, so if poor ventilation equipment pipeline leak inside or outside, or open an oxygen-containing systems can make the oxygen concentration rises to dangerous levels. The oxygen concentration increases the risk of fire. To this end, specifically prohibited the fire, are not allowed to use linoleum, not in contact with the oil and butter in contact with oxygen equipment.

5. Water ozone generator routine precautions

  ①, the machine must be placed in the non-oil facilities, clean air, dry place occupation, to extend the life of the machine facility application.

  ②, the application must be gently, not abandonment.

  ③, according to a sterile environment, application requests, accurate optional ozone generator.

  ④, prohibit the ozone generator placed in a sterile area, for the life of the security apparatus, the facility should have its own workspace, and then the silicone tube to the ozone gas to disinfect or chemical reaction zone.

  ⑤, machine protection facilities must test every day; if found strange to immediately shut down, identify reasons handle before use.

  ⑥, facilities must apply before the machine excellent grounding to prevent lightning. Excellent unplug the power cord when not required.

  ⑦, machine facility a long time do not be sure if the machine, cleaning machine to clean the shell, place a dry and ventilated place. Avoid moisture damage.

  ⑧, in order to avoid machine moisture and better protection facilities, open every week "pump switch" or "air control switch"; turn off the "concentration reconcile" or "ozone switch" work for more than three hours to clean the machine in the water and gas.

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Large ozone generator instructions and use

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