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Model HY-028 Car Indoor Air Purifier&Ionizer

Car Indoor Air Purifier&Ionier: the advance pantented technology of Jiahuan Car Air Purifier combines oxygen with anion to produce ozone O3 which eliminated bacteia and viruses to purify the ir effectively, neutralizes and degrades harmful substances, eli

Why choose this model for car air purifier

For a long time, wipe steam has been used in car beauty indusrty for disinfection, sterilization, deodorization, etc. These methods hava a lot of defects in using. Ozone disinfection products provide a fast and efficient, safe and reliable, easy-to-use me

Many use of ozone in air

Ozone is an incredibly versatile means of achieving clean, sanitised environments either as a stand alone approach or in combination with other techniques. Here are some of the more common uses of ozone.

Large ozone generator instructions and use

Description: 1, ozone generator installation personnel must go through technical training to boot repair.
2, the use of ozone sterilization, non-staff work and work at a higher concentration of ozone environment.
3, remember when the processing power eq




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