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Ozone applications in the electronics industry

Published:2014-08-14 11:12:17 Publishers:Jiahuan ozone generator Information Sources:Jiahuan Ozone Website Pageviews: Font size:A+AA-

         Electronics industry: the electronics industry to reach the national standard of water levels. Products used in microelectronics microelectronics products with high water, semiconductor, and other manufacturing industries with high water kinescope, computer circuit boards and other integrated circuit board production with high water, solar cells. Most of the manufacturers in the electronics industry are more or less use or processing PCB, when the finished components on the PCB solder, flux surface requires precision cleaning. The traditional cleaning PCB widely used ODS (ozone depleting substances). This paper introduces several requirements to meet international environmental clean ODS substitutes.
         The liquid crystal display industry is currently the general ODS solvent cleaning. A new water-based alternatives to ODS cleaning technology has been studied using X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy testing methods compared using two cleaning technology cleaned sample, the results show that the new alternative cleaning ODS technology is better than traditional cleaning techniques.
         Because of precision metal parts of the surface cleanliness is demanding, the current general use of ODS solvents. Introduces a non-ODS cleaning technology, and the use of test methods such as X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, were compared using two cleaning technology the cleaned surface of metal parts The results show that the new technique is superior to conventional cleaning ODS cleaning technology. Due to the complexity of the surface dirt component parts, vacuum electronic devices, such as CPT, CDT with pins, hats, and other parts of the original anode used in all ODS solvents. In order to obtain a very clean surface, this paper presents a non-ODS cleaning agent technology. Its main ingredients include cleaning agents fatty alcohol ethoxylates, alkyl alcohol amide surfactants and other additives, in line with human non-toxic, environmentally non-toxic, non-ozone loss, phosphate-free and azelaic comprehensive requirements ethyl-phenol salt. The results of the cleaned parts, conduct routine testing and X-ray spectroscopy analysis showed that non-ODS cleaning agent cleaning process capability and rinsing performance are comparable to or better than the original TCA cleaning process.



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Ozone applications in the electronics industry

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