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Ozone introduction

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Ozone Introduction

Ozone is a trace gas in the Earth's atmosphere at normal temperature and pressure, poor stability at room temperature can be decomposed into its own oxygen. Ozone has a strong irritant, excessive inhalation of certain hazardous to human health.




















Ozone (also known as the third son of oxygen), formula O3, a molecular weight of 48.00, is an allotrope of oxygen, ozone is composed of three oxygen atoms are widely found in nature, the air after a thunderstorm has a "fresh" feeling is lightning role of ozone in the air. Ozone is an unstable at room temperature and pressure, with a special light blue gas with a pungent odor. At ambient temperature and pressure variable molecular structure, quickly self-decomposition of oxygen (O2), and a single oxygen atom (O), ozone has strong oxidizing properties, has an oxidation potential of 2.07V in the alkaline solution, which oxidative capacity after fluorine, chlorine and potassium permanganate higher. Based on the strong ozone oxidation, ozone and half-life of 17-23 minutes in the water can short disassemble, no secondary pollution, is the ideal green oxidant. Ozonation has gradually developed into an advanced oxidation technology, deodorant, bleaching, sterilization and removal of organic matter play a fast, environmentally friendly and safe results.

Ozone sterilization principle

Ozone sterilization class is biochemical oxidation. Ozone oxidation and decomposition of bacteria inside the glucose enzyme necessary; effect can also occur directly with bacteria, viruses, damage cells and RNA, decomposition of DNA, RNA, proteins, lipids and polysaccharides and other macromolecules polymer material of bacteria permeability distortion occurs, leading to the dissolution of cell death, and the death of bacteria in vivo genetic, parasitic bacteria, parasitic virus particles, phage, mycoplasma and pyrogen (metabolites of bacteria and viruses, endotoxins), dissolved degeneration and destruction.

Ozone method
    Artificial ozone divided according to the principle of photochemistry, electrochemistry, atomic radiation and corona discharge several. Industrial application of ozone gas source most used type of corona discharge ozone generator.


Security Concentration

Ozone Ozone Tsinghua compiled according to the "ozone technology anthology," a book about the application of ozone concentration by the concentration of air safety, the application concentration, the concentration of water use, environmental concentrations and the concentration of perception, classification excerpt, in order to find the application. It allows the safe concentration of ozone concentration in contact with not more than 0.2mg / m3.

◎ ozone Industrial Hygiene Standards: International Ozone Association: 0.1 ppm, 10 hours contact US: 0.1 ppm, 8 hours contact Germany, France, Japan: 0.1 ppm China: 0.15ppm

◎ household ozone disinfection ozone leakage outside the cabinet must not exceed 0.2mg / m3 (mean 1.5 m away), after a period of residual disinfectant concentration should not be greater than 0.2mg / m ?.

◎ animal tests showed that the concentration of ozone toxicity starting 0.3ppm, and the people of the ozone in the air can sniff known concentration 0.02 ~ 0.04ppm, according to ozone toxicity of pulmonary function test results, presented 1.5 ~ 2.0ppm for the allowable concentration of ozone limit. Ministry of Health provides the maximum allowable concentration of ozone 0.2mg / m ?.

Air application concentration

◎ air deodorization and sterilization as requiring low concentrations of ozone, such as 0.5ppm (1mg / m?), But the article surface disinfection (kill microorganisms and the removal of chemical contamination) is required to increase the concentration of ozone several times.

◎ air application with the oxygen concentration in the 1mg / m? ~ 10mg / m? Between.

◎ low temperature, humidity is killing good effect, especially humidity, relative humidity less than 45% of airborne microorganisms ozone almost no role in the killing. Gradually increased until 60%, reaches a maximum at 95%.

◎ using ozone disinfection of food processing plant, 0.5 ~ 1.0ppm to kill airborne bacteria, 80% of the natural.

◎ cold sterilization requirements ozone concentration 6 ~ 10ppm, shut down after about 24 hours or more closed libraries bacterial kill rate of 90%, about 80% kill rate of mold.

◎ fruit during storage, available in 2 ~ 3ppm of ozone can be inhibited the growth of mold, the storage period may be extended twice.

Application concentration in water

◎ solubility of ozone in water applications between 0.1mg / L ~ 10mg / L. As low water disinfection and purification required minimum concentration, high concentration value as the "ozone water disinfectant 'can be achieved.

◎ ozone water purification, international conventional standards 0.4mg / L, the solubility values for 4 minutes, or CT value of 1.6.

I ◎ water ozone concentration is maintained at 0.1 ~ 0.5mg / L action 5 ~ 10min up disinfection purposes.

◎ ozone water disinfection and sterilization is rapid, disinfection happen in an instant. Once the ozone concentration in water, 0.5 to 1 minute to kill bacteria, in a concentration of 4mg / L, in hepatitis B virus inactivated within 1 minute was 100%.

◎ Herbold reported: at 20 ℃, water, ozone concentration 0.43mg / L, it can kill 100% of E. coli, 10 ℃ when only 0.36mg / L to kill all.

◎ ozone concentration of 0.25 ~ 38mg / L when, only a few seconds or minutes completely inactivated hepatitis A virus (HAV).

◎ mineral water solubility of ozone in the 0.4 ~ 0.5mg / L, they can meet the requirements of sterilization durability. Put in a reasonable amount of ozone is 1.5 ~ 2.0mg / L.

◎ bottled water should reach 0.3 ~ 0.5mg / L ozone solubility values, requiring dosing ozone should satisfy 1m? Water 2gO? Quantity occurs. According to practical experience, easy to reach concentrations of ozone concentrations higher than 8mg / L.

The main function of ozone

1, purify food: fruits and vegetables from surface degradation, food residues of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and other toxic substances, remove the meat, eggs, antibiotics, chemical additives, hormones and other harmful substances likely to cause halophilic kill seafood poisoning bacteria and protect the disease from the mouth shut.

2, water purification: water after ozone treatment is a high-quality raw water. Per liter of water just pass into O3 2 minutes to remove the residual chlorine in the water, sterilization, disinfection, to taste, remove heavy metals, carcinogens chloroform to prevent the generation of increased oxygen content in water, homemade ideal pure drinking water.

3, sterilization: the dining utensils after washing into the water through the O3 20 minutes, remove the detergent residue can kill bacteria, viruses, alternative electronic disinfection cabinet, dining utensils to avoid infectious diseases. Also on clothing, towels, rags, socks and other media water disinfection, odor.

4, an air purifier: ozone exhaust pipe hanging above 1.7 m height, emission O3 20--30 minutes, you can effectively remove indoor smoke or odor, dust sterilization decorative materials, increasing oxygen, fresh air, Let your home to enjoy the fresh air after the rain forest-like (can be used in homes, offices, meeting rooms, entertainment in addition to smoke, dust, disinfection, to taste).

5, fresh fruits and vegetables, mildew: Family bagged fruits and vegetables fresh fruits and vegetables just to pass into the O3 2 minutes, to extend the shelf life of seven days, can also be used for vegetable cellar mildew, fruit and vegetable transport.

6, bath, beauty, health: ozone wash bath in foreign countries has become a fashion, by ozone bath treatment of disease for many years, which is another magic O3. Always wash ozone bath can rid the body of toxins, activation of epidermal cells, eliminate acne, skin whitening, rheumatism, skin diseases, gynecological diseases, diabetes and onychomycosis have a good effect.

7, fish, water the plants: watering, irrigation greenhouse vegetables, to avoid pests, reduce the use of pesticides. Fish, aquaculture, O3 into the water to release nascent oxygen, destroy bacteria, viruses, oxidation of impurities, to prevent spoilage of water quality deterioration, increased nutrients in water.

8, deodorant: Due to the decomposition of ozone has a strong oxidation, can be quickly and thoroughly to eliminate air, a variety of odors in water

Ozone Applications

The application of ozone in the country

Currently in China has been widely used, including Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Yunnan, Shandong, Hunan and other places have started using ozone disinfection of municipal tap water and recycled water, ozone applications more widely .

    In the medical aspects

Conducted from 1856 Paris hospital room the first application of ozone disinfection, to medical school in Paris in 1902 Hurion by inhalation of ozone treatment of pertussis thesis, became the first application of ozone to get a doctorate in person. In 1936, French doctors P · Aubourg the first to advocate the treatment of rectal ozone insufflation chronic colitis. Over the past 60 years, has developed a dozen Ozone Applications in healthcare. Ozone in China's development began in 2000, after which the medical ozone in the land of China to take root, flower and bear fruit, has made remarkable achievements, such success is inseparable from Mr. Yang Huanglong years to promote ozone treatment technology do the job. He Xiang Ni family, and other well-known experts together XF.HE China ozone established in September 2008 set a treatment professional members sweat horse power. Ozone can be used in the healthcare field surgery, medicine and so on.

In addition, ozone is also widely used in the field of gynecological treatment, the use of ozone strong oxidizing bacteria can kill most of gynecological diseases. Coupled with ozone from oxygen atoms, will not have any effect on the female body ph value.

    Ozone germicidal lamp applications

① after the point lights, polluted indoor air due to ozone and ultraviolet light and getting clean, so this light source of a constant supply of fresh air, the ozone decomposition of ozone in the air at the time of the killing was also free of bacteria, can prevent colds and other all kinds of air-mediated infectious diseases, to prevent hepatitis, tuberculosis infection. For public places, transport inside, central air such as sterilization.

② mildew odor. In public places, the bathroom interior point this light, not only deodorant, but also can kill flies, mosquitoes and other larvae. In the dark, dank room, to prevent mildew items changed.

③ In the hospital operating room, sterile room applications.

In addition to food hygiene and disinfection ④ outside, can delay food spoilage.

⑤ water disinfection. You can kill the bacteria in the water, does not produce a permanent residual material, no carcinogens, no smell, etc. water. UV germicidal lamp ignited after ozone, paying particular attention to the protection of the human eye, not the body irradiation. In addition, some items should not be performed using ultraviolet germicidal lamp ozone disinfection, so you can use non-ozone UV germicidal lamp, using the titanium-doped silica glass, when the lights can be filtered to produce ozone 185nm wavelength of light, so that the light does not produce or produce very little ozone.

    Application in agriculture

    Ozone is a colorless, slightly smell gas, dissolved in the water will become a strong oxidizing agent, living cells have a strong role in the killing. By the ozone generator can be oxygen in the air under high pressure, high frequency electric ionization converted to ozone, and then be used in production. In recent years, the author uses ozone generator in Xi'an carried out around the greenhouses cast ozone greenhouse vegetable pest prevention pilot demonstration, and achieved good results.

    First, the advantages of ozone pest control

        A safe and efficient low cost. Ozone can be applied to achieve a multi-purpose, and control a variety of pests, and low control costs. Compared with the spraying of pesticides, ozone cast more convenient, efficient, safe, can greatly reduce the use of pesticides, farmers avoid the application of highly toxic pesticide residues, thereby reducing the cost of medication.

        2, pollution-free. Ozone in the dry air of instability, can quickly break down into oxygen reduction, and therefore pollution within the plant and fruit, no residue, is an important way to achieve organic vegetable production.

        3, quality, production. After testing, greenhouse tomato fruit malformation after use of ozone significantly reduced, production increased by about 20 percent, and the fruit of a big, good color and good taste.

    Second, the use

        1, for seed treatment. The ozone gas is introduced into water and, stirring constantly, 10 minutes after the ozone solution obtained. Pour the seeds soak for 15-20 minutes, which can kill viruses, bacteria and eggs seed surface.

        2, greenhouse pest control

           ① smoked shed disinfection. 10 days before planting can be combined with hot stuffy studio focused on the use of ozone generator ozone cast in the studio, the cast time to less than two hours is appropriate.

           ② seedbed pest prevention. Seedbed first seal, each cast 10 m2 per 1 minute, and a closed fumigation 10 minutes, and then ventilated for 30 minutes.

           ③ facility after planting vegetable pest control. After planting Huanmiao acre greenhouse continued to cast ozone 7-10 minutes, then sealed fumigation for 15-20 minutes, then 30 minutes of ventilation. No pest of greenhouse cast once every 5-7 days, continuous application of five times, each time by 2-3 times to cast an additional 5 minutes, until the per acre to 25 minutes. Fumigation same time every 5-10 minutes increased by 2-3 times. The test proved that ozone Botrytis cinerea, leaf mold, early blight, late blight, cucumber downy mildew, blight and greenhouse whitefly, leaf miner, aphids and other pest control is better. But greenhouse soil pests, due to ozone gas to penetrate the soil in amounts too small, the concentration is too low, there is no effect.


    Third, pay attention

        A reasonable time to determine the application of volume and fumigation. Shi ozone fumigation shed volume and closing time to be appropriately adjusted depending on the crop and its growth period. Crop compared to the general adult stage and seedling crop of ozone adaptable. If the production of ozone fumigation Greenhouse cast excessive or prolonged, the light will lead to greenhouse vegetables dry leaves and flowers poisoning, severe cases can cause plant death. As the plants grow, Shi volume and fumigation time can be gradually increased to achieve the purpose of either vegetable pest without harming the crop. Release should try to ensure uniform, and not directly into the injection port of vegetables, vegetable plants should be from 0.8-1 meters. Fumigation time should arrive promptly ventilation, general ventilation time can not be less than 30 minutes.

        2, the temperature and humidity regulation. When ozone cast shed indoor temperature should be maintained within the range of 10-30 ℃, prevention would be better in the air humidity conditions.

        3. Greenhouse fumigation to prevent livestock entering in order to avoid poisoning or other adverse reactions occur. ?

The basic principle of ozone lift pesticide residues

Ozone is a strong oxidant, the pesticide is an organic compound, ozone disinfectant oxidative damage by strong chemical bonds of organic pesticides, loss of potency, but kill all bacteria and viruses surface, to achieve the purpose of detoxification.

Canteen tableware disinfection of fruits and vegetables is the use of ozone features and performance of a canteen developed special equipment, this equipment can quickly sterilization, disinfection and deodorant in a short time to produce high concentrations of ozone in water, eating cafeteria food safety assurance. Such devices generally use germicidal lamp ozone or ozone machine to achieve.

1. Can effectively degrade rice, vegetables, pesticide residues in fruits and prolong shelf life.

2. For tableware disinfection, air disinfection, freezer and storage room disinfection, odor, mildew, which can effectively kill bacteria, viruses, prevent the spread of disease.

Ozone is oxygen allotrope, a strong oxidant; which reduce pesticide, the effect is to remove bacteria chlorine 1.5 times f臭氧aster than chlorine bactericidal faster 600-3000 times. At room temperature, the natural decay of the ozone into oxygen, decay period of 15 minutes to 25 minutes. Ozone in the water is quickly converted into "ecological oxygen", and there is no residual problems. Ozone is a highly efficient, rapid drug except fungicides. It can quickly in a short time to resolve pesticide residues, bacteria, viruses rapidly destroyed.

  Ozone not only with disinfection, sterilization, deodorization, bleaching and so on, but also to change the status of plant respiration, activation of plant cells, detoxification, ozone differentiation of organic impurities, and so many beneficial to humans and the environment "forward" of the role. Ozone through the water medium can effectively reduce and pesticides in the diet composition of annihilation, fertilizers and bio-hormone residues and a variety of bacteria, pathogens, reduce pollution hazard to humans.

(1) odor generated ozone water soaked vegetables, fruits, outside to the inside can kill bacteria, viruses, degradation of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, plant cell activation, allowing you to eat natural taste, nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables, eating with more confidence, which pesticide residues can be removed more than 95%, the loss of nutrition, long preservation time.

(2) ozone water with ozone generated by soaking broiler, meat, frozen fish, shrimps, can kill slaughter, during transport to carry harmful bacteria, keeping the degradation process of absorption of biological hormones, antibiotics, hormones and other harmful substances, but also remove the smell, so rest assured that you eat chicken, fish, meat, eggs, taste more delicious.

(3) ozone water with ozone machine can produce color and dye bleaching clothes dirty surface, and sterilization and decomposition of impurities, reduce water pollution, chemical detergent residue and will not irritate the skin, but also the prevention of skin diseases and athlete's foot and other effects.

(4) the rice water scouring the net, biodegradable pesticide and fertilizer residue, and then purified water to cook. Cook the rice creamy and delicious, nutritious. (Do not use aluminum containers) will eventually be restored as a result of ozone to oxygen and water, without leaving any residual material, thus no pollution to the environment.

(5) with its strong oxidizing ozone sterilization, easy and no residue decomposition characteristics, it has a broad application prospects in terms of the removal of pesticide residues, disinfection, corrosion preservation.

Air cleanliness level of sterile pharmaceutical manufacturing environment requirements: In order to meet these requirements, what should we purify the sterilization process to choose? Currently there are four methods of sterilization. Ozone sterilization which is an important method of them. But no matter what kind of sterilization method, must reach the above requirements, the ozone sterilization is no exception. Ozone sterilization as a method to replace traditional disinfection methods, more stringent requirements in it and more easy and easy, otherwise, it is difficult to gain a foothold.

   Applications catering industry

The main advantage of ozone in the food and beverage industry applications

Ozone disinfection in the food and beverage industry is flexible, low cost, the effect is obvious, no side effects.

An ozone disinfection methods:

        1, the use of ozone water cleaning soak;

        2, the use of ozone gas disinfection

Second, the advantages of ozone disinfection

1, not only for tableware disinfection, but also with (for catering venues and kitchen equipment disinfection capacity), the degradation of harmful pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables and meat hormones contained to avoid the occurrence of food poisoning and other disinfection methods do not have the equipment.

(1) The ozone gas can be used directly for the kitchen, dining room, kitchen knives, refrigerator, dish racks, farming land, storage room disinfection, ozone water can also be cleaned and disinfected;

(2) ozone gas or ozone water temperature can not be used for those tableware disinfection, such as plastic, ceramic products.

(3) ozone water vegetables, biodegradable hormone harmful pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables and meat products.

2, ozone sterilization time is short, simple, no need to clean after disinfection, to tableware disinfection of 100 (for 8-10 guests):

(1) General procedures required for about 140 minutes, the process: Decontamination (15 minutes) disinfection soak (90 minutes) cleaning (15 minutes) disinfection cabinet disinfection (20 minutes) Use

(2) If using ozone gas sterilization, generally only 38 minutes. Process: Decontamination (15 minutes) cleaning (15 minutes) disinfection soak (8 minutes) Use

            (3) If the water disinfection with ozone, in just 30 minutes. Process: Decontamination (15 minutes) cleaning and disinfection soak (15 minutes) Use

3, ozone disinfection no harmful residue, no secondary pollution. After the self-decomposition of ozone disinfection for oxygen, no smell, no pollution, and disinfection comprehensive and effective.

4, low ozone disinfection costs. Ozone disinfection of air as the main raw material, power consumption is lower than many sterilizer, ozone sterilization can be used directly, without drying, ozone disinfection principle can be considered as an oxidation reaction.

(1) Mechanism of Ozone inactivation of bacteria:

                Very rapid response of ozone to inactivate bacteria is always carried out. With other fungicides is different: the ozone reaction with the double bonds in bacterial cell wall lipids, internal cell penetration, acting on the protein and lipopolysaccharide, changes in cell permeability, resulting in bacterial death. Ozone also acts on the nuclear material within the cell, such as nucleic acid purines and pyrimidines damage DNA.

(2) Ozone inactivation mechanism of viruses:

Effect of ozone on the virus is first of four polypeptide chains shell of the virus coat protein, and RNA damage, in particular the formation of its protein. After the phage was ozonation, electron microscopy shows that their skin is broken into many pieces, from which the release of many RNA interference adsorption onto the storage body. Ozone sterilization thoroughness is unquestionable.

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Ozone introduction

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