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Venturi jet mixing process diagram describes the run

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An open valve, close the valve 2. This is a main channel ejector dosing method.
Open the valve 2 to close the valve 1. Is a way of circulating water tank ozone dosing principle above a title.

2014061017225043410.jpgConnecting parts:

A: ozone generator B: ejector C: water sealing (anti-return device) D: control valve
Note: The volume control next to the water is between 15% -25% of water in the main channel, the best results. When the machine is installed, the manufacturer must inform the ozone pressure pipe how much.
1. Run the process --- venturi jet mixing in the gas chamber at high flow vacuum formed, inhaling gas, high-speed gas flow and then crushed to form microbubbles and full contact mixed with water. Ozone mixing efficiency using jet method is generally 25-40%.

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Venturi jet mixing process diagram describes the run

Photographed two-dimensional code, portable information see

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