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Is ozone harmful harmful for health?

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    Ozone is a natural substance that exists on Earth, due to the presence of atmospheric ozone and well known. Ozone is a strong oxidant and a broad spectrum fungicide with a unique stench. In 1785, the Germans in the use of motor found to produce an odor when the motor discharge. 1840 German scientist Shubei because (Schonbein) this odor identified as O3, and named OZONE (ozone). After Since then, European scientists first began research the features and functions of ozone found broad spectrum of sterilization effect, the beginning of industrial production applications, where a beef company in Sweden for the storage of fresh beef ozone, since 1870, has been still in use.

    In the 19th century, people have recognized the strong ozone oxidation, ozone oxidation has found wood, straw, starch, plant pigments, natural rubber, fats, animal and vegetable oils with alcohol and other substances. In 1868, De Gebei Si (de · Gebeth) received the first patent application of ozone technology, with a mixture of ozone oxidation of the coal tar products suitable for paints and varnishes used. In 1873, Europe will be put into use ozone in terms of sugar refining and bleaching linen. One hundred years of application of ozone has penetrated into many areas of human technology has made a significant contribution to the development of production. Divided by end-use application of ozone water treatment, chemical oxidation, food processing, preservation and health in four areas, applied research and development facilities in various fields have reached a very high level. The world has formed an independent ozone technology industries and sectors, in 1973 the establishment of the International Ozone Association (IOA) in Canada. The Association for International Exchange Conference held every two years, countries in the development of ozone technology papers, reports, developed countries have generally established IOA regional organizations, academic exchanges.

    After World War II, the international application of ozone technology is eligible to rapid development. First, in 1902, Paderborn, Germany established the first large-scale use of ozone for water treatment water, creating a precedent for ozone water treatment, and now there are thousands of the world's ozone water in Europe, Japan, Canada, country's water plant application of ozone has reached popularity. Mineral water, pure water equipment manufacturers almost all ozone equipment. United States early seventies began using ozone treatment of domestic sewage, mainly for sterilization, removal of contaminants, bleaching, etc. to meet emission standards. Japan in dryland used as sewage water after treatment with ozone. United States, Japan, Germany, France and other countries in recent years have established a large-scale ozone sewage treatment plant. Secondly, the industrial application of ozone has also been very popular, mainly used in chemical, petroleum, paper, textile and pharmaceutical, perfume industry. Food industry applications more widely available, in 1904 on the use of ozone to save Europe milk, meat, cheese, protein and other processed foods fresh, late thirties, the United States 80% of frozen eggs libraries are installed in the ozone generator. After World War II, Europe, Japan and applied to all aspects of the storage, manufacturing, transportation and other food fruits and vegetables will be fresh in the ozone. In medical terms, the Japanese during World War II on the use of ozone therapy body, Russia for strong gas (ozone air) sports person applications. At present, the international community has a variety of uses in the medical aspects: as ward, operating room air disinfection, the use of ozone water disinfection of medical instruments, dental disease using ozone therapy (oral surgery and keep your mouth sterile), the use of ozone and radiation combination therapy to treat cancer, drinking water ozone treatment of gynecological diseases, injecting ozone gas treating fistula hemorrhoids, varicose veins. In the health sector, Japan, Taiwan pop-priming gas (containing low concentrations of ozone in the air) in order to keep fit, body shower with ozonated water to kill bacteria and body beauty. Now the popular high-tech beauty, in fact, is the application of ozone.

    Ozone disinfection technology is only in recent years to introduce a sanitizing food processing industry new technologies. With the deepening of their understanding, has gradually get more and more applications. Ozone gas and ozone disinfection of water features, it has an alternative in certain food production processes existing UV and chemical disinfection methods advantage. Certain foods can not be used to solve the heat problem disinfection methods, while reducing energy consumption.

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Is ozone harmful harmful for health?

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