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Medical ozone disinfection working process

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    The use of ozone in a hospital hospital sewage disposal, the hospital sewage generation rate is set by 300 beds bed Nissan sewage by experienced data 0.6t choice. Some sewage treatment station consists of three components: First, sewage disposal equipment, the second is the corresponding civil works, the third is the convergence disposal process equipment and piping systems for civil engineering equipment.

    Hospital sewage through the grille, flowing into the sedimentation tank, into the conditioning tank, controlled by the store cupboard full job control sewage station in sewage pumped by pump tower biofilter, the inflow touch pool, and ozone must touch the moment, After making plenty kill bacteria emissions.

Operation Ozone equipment

(1) of ozone with air to give an unstable gas to oxygen in the air ionized by high potential electric field, at room temperature, light blue, fresh odor at low temperature, in the column can kill sewage touch each species of bacteria, while the hospital wastewater disinfection.

(2) the amount of sewage to be treated resolution output of ozone, but ozone output voltage has been, into the air intake pressure and influence, the inlet pressure is the rule, but the intake air and are able to adjust the voltage. Voltage increases, the ozone concentration also increased at the same intake air conditions, output also follow progress.

(3) on the basis of operating conditions, the primary method for ozone progress is progress voltage output to add ozone concentrations, and increased intake air, value-added less ozone. Therefore, when a lower voltage is adjusted, should open a bigger air intake, while the higher voltage to, intake air to open a small point, still be able to reach a higher value, when the usual operation, we observed: the voltage is too low neither economical disposal role is to meet the demand, it is noteworthy; if a long time to maintain the highest voltage, discharge, high temperature, short-lived and prone to "discharge the appearance of" burning discharge (especially when impure air) .

That ozone O3, also known as heavy oxygen. Ozone for water treatment is a new water treatment skills developed in recent years. But because we lack knowledge on the function of ozone, by some very simple business misleading.

  Ozone is a strong oxidizing gas, at concentrations must be efficiently kill bacteria, viruses, and decomposed chemical substance in water. The use of ozone generator should be aware of the following tips:

  ①, the half-life of ozone in water for 35 minutes, through the disposal of ozone over the next 35 minutes the water will be able to drink, otherwise harmful.

  ②, for water treatment ozone generator should have a higher functionality, i.e., the concentration of ozone that occurs should reach 15 mg / L or more.

  ③, ozone generator ozone occur together, will take place on the harmful nitrogen oxides into the water. Thus, for drinking water should be used to dispose of the ozone generator oxygen source or use by dry air.

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Medical ozone disinfection working process

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