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Application of the principle of selection and adaptation of the ozone generator

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Ozone generator selection is very important for selection from the following aspects:

1. conclude that the type of ozone generator ozone output

    For air sterilization in addition to taste also used in water treatment. Low concentrations can choose an open economy when ozone generator for air handling, the marketing of the ozone generator must first determine its usefulness use. Includes air and airless open source open source best of both elected with gas models. Simple structure of such ozone generator low offer, but the job of temperature and humidity affect the amount of ozone. Open ozone generator above the most simple case of ozone equipment, on high demand for air disposal sites should be chosen high concentration ozone generator. When the air handling by 20-50mg / m3 specification dropped, the Food and Drug occupation selected high value. Can root the size of a space that is derived conversion total amount of ozone (ie, ozone generator output) for the necessary time to buy a high concentration of ozone generator water treatment (ozone concentrations greater than 12mg / L water disposal of low-level ozone is a high concentration of invalid In order to standardize equipment containing ozone generator air source and air source treatment equipment and ozone equipment can be planned into a small one-model value between 5-200g / h, medium and large ozone generator basic methods exist to unit

2. Quality distinguish ozone generator

    Ozone generator merits of the quality of information available from production, systems and equipment, cooling method, operating frequency, control method, the concentration of ozone gas source and power consumption targets, and many other distinguished. Quality ozone generator should be high dielectric materials produced, standardized equipment (including air supply and purification equipment) dual electrode cooling, high-frequency driver, intelligent control, high concentrations of ozone output, low power consumption and low air consumption.

3. price

    Much higher than the low level of interest rates and low equipment generator generator. But the quality is very stable ozone generator function, quality ozone generator from planning to production equipment and materials according to their specifications. Ozone concentration and value from environmental factors influence. And by adding a larger environmental impact, temperature and humidity low ozone generator equipment operation allows a significant reduction in the concentration of ozone and the output value, the impact effect disposal. Purchase should summarize than its offer commentary and features.

4. Avoid Mistakes

    Gas and without gas supply source generator generator cost vary greatly. If after the offer to sell the advantages of airless source of ozone generator, A. Solution of ozone gas generator is not a source. Since gas distribution equipment needed source may eventually spend more money. B. solution generator constructor, not be able to run a series of ozone concentration output target. For example, an ozone generator demand for water disposal, if mistakenly chose Open ozone generator that is unable to recognize the use of ozone generators additional labeled D output, use of air source is still marked when using oxygen source indicated value. Due to the use of oxygen source ozone generator ozone output than double the use of air source, the cost difference between the two nearly doubled. When you purchase the supply and demand sides of the ozone generator should avoid all-round exchanges into errors, not to offer primary reference based on a measure of the ozone generator.

5. spare machine

    Optional ozone generator should have a spare machine. Uses a press, a series of operations allowed on the place down. One with a preparation of guidelines for repairing. The primary reserve units in equipment protection or repair process replaces the use, to avoid affecting the normal production shutdown protection.


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Application of the principle of selection and adaptation of the ozone generator

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