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Ozone generator disinfection and purification applications

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Food Industry

(1) cold:
Ozone for cold storage, cold storage of fruits, eggs, fish, meat, food storage plays an antifungal efficacy of preservation. Between 1995-1996, Japan, France and Australia have legislation promised widespread use of ozone in the food industry. The US food processing companies try to advance, the American Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) organized in 1996 a committee of experts ozone science skills and food industry, began to investigate and evaluate the historical background of ozone applied to the food industry, the status quo and Solutions. Committee for the use of an ozone-year time use, including: sterilization, disinfection of eggs, fruit and vegetable store ozone air treatment, water preservation goods, fresh meats, poultry processing, food processing industry, 37 used a literature search, to prove and test indicated presented scientific findings in 1997, defined the use of ozone fit GRAS food processing industry norm - the results of the US food processing industry became widely used ozone foundation. Followed by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) abandoned its use of ozone in food processing production constraints in the policy, confessed ozone production processes used in the food safety norms universal fit (GRAS) requirements. Later, the experts also ozonated water used in the food industry, gas ozone in food processing use, nutrient effects of ozone in food handling and processing of food safety and toxicity were related discussion, these seminars are marked : ozone sterilizing agents and disinfectants for food use are safe and sound, at an appropriate dosage and outstanding fit GRAS demand processing conditions apply.
(2) water for food production:
Food production through water at every step of goods from clean to eventually forming material which can be said to be complete food safety to ensure the production of the most important. Material appeared, some of China's food production company produced water, in a way, basically there is no quality control in the case, that is, with no clean water out of the food produced finished or semi-finished products, it is difficult to reach the sterile or cleaning Pass Pass border. Water for food production, demand a lot of clean water, the production cost is also a large expense. The current food production companies throughout the existence of two situations: First, the use of contaminated water; the second is process water reuse or extend the use of time.
The use of ozone skills to ensure safe and clean water for food production, is processed from the source control product quality, the best treatment options must root product quality problems from the root. Can also produce high concentrations of ozone water disinfection of food instead of drugs.
(3) Water Products Processing:
Ozone has a strong oxidation, can differentiate organic matter in the water, bacteria and microorganisms. Hydroxyl (OH) is a strong oxidant, catalyst, can attack the chain of organic reactions, reaction is very agile. Hydroxyl (OH) on a variety of pathogenic microorganisms have a strong killing effect. Single atomic oxygen (O) also has a strong oxidizing ability of micro-organisms such as viruses strong, and so there is a strong lethal spores.
(4) aquatic breeding:
China to speed up the process of industrialization along with marine pollution is worsening in recent years, repeated episodes of red tide, viruses, so that the fish, shrimp, shellfish and many died, marine fishing output decreased agility, aquatic farming industry together to bring great skill and hard operational risks. In Denmark, the United States, Japan and other developed countries Aquatic Science and Technology R & D use circulating water skills, and achieved remarkable results and endless economic benefits. Suitable for aquatic breeding, rearing ponds, factory farming, winter trees and live seafood storage and transportation, and has been put into use in Qingdao, Jinzhou and other places, the Chinese aquatic breeding, nursery industry onto a new level, and achieved significant economic benefits and social benefits.
The use of ozone-biodegradable organics, ammonia, nitrite, and other substances in water, and the water to kill bacteria and plankton. Interspersed prevent infection due to pollution of the surrounding rearing ponds, viruses and composition. Greatly improve the fish, shrimp, shellfish breeding and rearing survival rate.
II. Air disinfection
(1) Ozone air disinfection equipment
The most important is usually simple negligence. As the air all the time and life companions, and its importance is rarely mentioned. We also talked about air quality problems, but too much energy has been devoted to such as air pollution, environmental temperature conditioning, adding negative ions, etc., while the same infection control but important disease usually seen as something of medical experts, did not across all sectors of society seriously. Today, for the sterilization of air in public places has become the focus of attention.
Ozone has excellent sterilization, disinfection, clean air and water quality talent, capable of many compounds ozone oxidation, the source of infection and can be used for air disinfection, disinfection is oxidized to many disinfectants one of the strongest disinfectant. Its other features constitute an outstanding oxygen after differentiation, adding oxygen content of the space to be sterilized. To eradicate the air, bacteria, viruses, and progress of the oxygen content in the air, we can often open doors and windows, an outstanding indoor ventilation, which may progress content of oxygen in the air, but to kill indoor viruses, bacteria and other harmful gases are not maybe. In order to eliminate the abundant viral, bacterial damage to human best sterilization method using ozone, the ozone will not only eliminate airborne bacteria and viruses, the same useful in the water, ozone disinfection rationale is that the virus can be oxidized cell body, damaging their nuclei . Ozone skills in 1840 by German scientists discovered Mr.Schoenbein, 1857 W.von Siemens made clear tube ozone episodes, 1873 Mr.Fox discovered ozone sterilization effect, to the late 19th century, ozone has been used for the first time water disinfection. 1920s, ozone is funded more economical, easier to replace skills chlorine, until the 1950s, but also because of its broad spectrum of ozone, efficiency is widely used in developed countries.
(2) Air Disinfection ozone in pharmaceutical GMP certification in the use of
Chinese GMP regulations for drug production (especially sterile products) have extremely stringent requirements. In GMP validation process we strongly referral ozone sterilization methods. Comparison with a variety of traditional sterilization methods, the ozone sterilization has many characteristics, therefore, ozone sterilization has a wide range of uses in the production of pharmaceuticals. The current widespread use of contrast are: pipeline sterilization containers; central air purification system using sterilization to clean area; sterilization of raw and auxiliary materials, work utensils; sterilization of confined space; water for pharmaceutical production sterilization treatment.
Ozone sterilization has many advantages in common:
High dispersion: Ozone is a gas dispersion, and no dead ends, the concentration distribution.
Sterilization can be strong: ozone sterilization with peracetic acid to an appropriate higher than other disinfectants.
Broad spectrum: the right variety of pathogenic microorganisms, viruses, fungi and other microbes have a good killing effect.
Material easy to get: Preparation is the use of ozone in deionized water system.
Environmental protection: Ozone can quickly differentiate into a single atom of oxygen and oxygen, reduced to oxygen molecules. Is recognized as a green disinfectant.
Three. Water Treatment
(1) water production:
Ozone in the water for bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms kill rate of speed, organic compounds and other pollutants removed completely without secondary pollution episodes, and thus sterilization of drinking water is the most important part of the use of ozone, water profession the largest market for ozone.
The use of chlorine disinfection in waterworks is pervading. But ozone higher kill rate of bacteria to kill faster. The current use of the most important factors of ozone instead of chlorine disinfection, chlorine disinfection is the traditional use of the United States, Japan and other countries are moving rapidly to carry out the selection of the primary cause of ozone treatment of water, that water will follow after the onset of product contamination by organic chemical industry, chlorine disinfection chloroform, methylene chloride bromine, carbon tetrachloride and other chlorinated organics (THM), these substances are carcinogenic, and ozone oxidation treatment effect is not the onset of secondary pollution compounds. China's Kunming Water Company, Beijing Tamura waterworks, Daqing, success, Yanshan Petrochemical water company, one after another with ozone instead of chlorine disinfection.
(2) mineral water, pure water, high-quality drinking water disinfection and sterilization:
With 0.1-1.5mg / L ozone concentration of ozone water production line for water pipes, containers, bottles, buckets for processing, bacteria, Escherichia coli, yeast, Aspergillus, such as sterilization with outstanding results.
China bottled water purifier ozone sterilization selection skills throughout most active, rough budget, mineral water, pure water, clean water to more than a thousand plants, about 60 percent have chosen ozone sterilization skills. Because supervisory skills, epidemic prevention section constitutes agreement, no bottled water ozone equipment is difficult competition in the market. Follow to carry out the bottled water market, the domestic production of ozone equipment to carry out a large number of companies. Ozone episodes, a dosing mixing equipment variety, quality varies greatly, and even false ???, so bottled water quality can not be ensured. The key is to deal with the water should reach 0.3 ~ 0.5mg / L ozone solubility value, which is the first requirement of ozone dosage should meet 1m3 water 2g ozone conditions, together with the need to ensure that gas is abundant water ---- touch and adhere to certain moment. According to practical experience, the ozone concentration episodes simply needs to reach the solubility is higher than 8%. Ozone attack is Wuhan Cambridge Environmental Equipment Co., ozone concentrations as high as 20% attack.
(3) Sewage Treatment
Sewage contains urban sewage, industrial wastewater and sewage medical treatment, the primary intent of sterilization, remove pollutants and bleaching, deodorization to reach emission norms. In recent years, because of lack of water plaque, partially developed industrial vocational supervisor, day wastewater reuse regulations, improve the handling specifications.
The United States in the early seventies began the day sewage treatment using ozone, the primary intent for disinfection and biological oxygen demand decline (BOD) and chemical oxygen demand (COD), remove nitrite, suspended solids and bleaching, has reaching all levels of production use. Japan is in the area of sewage water after ozone treatment as a non-potable water (ie, water) cycle use.
Ozone is used for industrial wastewater containing cyanide plating wastewater oxidation, textile printing and dyeing wastewater bleaching, refining sewage to phenols, alkanes substances. United States, Japan, Germany, France and other countries in recent years have established a large-scale sewage treatment plants, China ???, there are experimental dyeing professional use.
Industrial phenol, cyanide, organic ammonia, a nitrile, nitro dyes, organophosphorus, organochlorine compounds such as wastewater treatment. Sewage water treatment with ozone, water can phenol, formaldehyde content decreased 98%. When treatment with ozone-rich aqueous cyanide, cyanide concentration from 15mg / L down to 0.25mg / L.
(4) swim pool water:
China's current selection of mostly water swim pool chlorination and processing CuSO4 algal often occur due to low chlorine content in water leaving the bacteria, viruses overruns, perhaps too high chlorine content in water affect the skin, eyes, hair and so on, water is difficult to reach the World Swimming Federation rules swim race specification. In the swimming hall or some advanced water paradise world competition used, all made the world's most advanced ozone disinfection skills, ozone disinfection of circulating water purification treatment, to ensure water quality norms swim pool.
(5) cooling tower water:
The current American Association cooling tower circulating cooling water ozone treatment referral skills to reach the scale, cleaning, sterilization algae, anti-corrosion and stable quality of intentions, ozone cooling water circulation system ozone American companies have computer controlled inspection during operation China's many units during the test seminars, lessons learned.
Four. Public Cleaning
(1) the use of central air conditioning Category:
Drug production and hospital operating rooms have stringent demands of its environment, the referral of ozone disinfection methods in China's GMP validation. The use of central air-conditioning system for air purification electrostatic precipitator, and central air-conditioning system to circulate air carrier as ozone, dispersed to all the clean area and enclosed space manipulation, the air is completely sterilized. Instead headache formaldehyde fumigation method, saving the agent fees and labor costs. Eradicate fouling operating power conditioning system allows a significant improvement in operating costs declined pumps and compressors. Together may also extend equipment life expectancy, improved device capabilities.
(2) Automotive Air Conditioning:
Ozone can be removed with the smell of formaldehyde inside a car, gasoline, cigarette smoke, musty odor; prevent hepatitis A vehicle occupants, ???, skin infections and other infectious diseases interludes, eliminating air conditioning disease; elimination of car sofa, mats, wool pad mold, mites and other bacteria.
(3) Food, Service Occupation:
In addition to ozone sterilization, but it's going to taste very strong, such as air, smoke, smell, odor, such as smell, the use of ozone can be removed, and can kill bacteria in the air together. After conditioning the concentration of ozone is also applicable to purification star hotels, hotel, apartment, office buildings and other places of air.
Current student canteen and catering, cleaning and cooked food processing processes and appliances, sterilization and other sectors in accordance with the cleaning specification clean parts, are made of the traditional disinfection methods (such as ultraviolet light, pasteurized liquid, formaldehyde, etc.) the results are not very ambition, not disinfect incomplete, that is, with the production of sterile new sources of pollution.
With ozone water to wash fruits and vegetables, can be removed, the degradation of harmful residues in fruits and vegetables pesticide and fertilizer. For a variety of fruit and raw vegetables, such as cucumbers, tomatoes, radishes, etc., this way more than 90% degradation of residual pesticides, fruits and vegetables without losing nutrients. With ozone water wash fish, meat, seafood, shellfish, can remove the smell, kill bacteria in its appearance, after washing the meat more delicious, delicate, flexible, good taste. Summer wash beans finished (tofu, tofu, bean thread, vegetarian chicken, dried flowers, etc.) can extend preservation time. Hand and work clothing is the body most vulnerable to bacterial infection and convey the site, ozone water in a short time can usefully kill E. coli, Bacillus wax, giant, Shigella, Salmonella typhi, meningococcal meningitis, Staphylococcus aureus , Salmonella and various microorganisms influenza virus, hepatitis virus.
(4) Home Improvement:
Ozone in air pollution management in the use of:
A. Eradicate because of the decoration and supplies brought indoor TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compounds), formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and other harmful pollutants.
B. Air pollution because of furniture, toys, leather goods and other foods rich formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and other harmful pollutants caused.
C. Eradicate because the assembled crowd, poor ventilation of the air pollution episodes, the episodes air conditioning kill many kinds of bacteria and germs, progress, improve institutions, hotels, entertainment venues indoor air quality inside the bus.
D. Shape very stable oxygen can gradually differentiate itself, so there is no secondary pollution.
E. Ozone effect 40 minutes, after examination of the removed rate of 81.2% formaldehyde, ammonia removed rate of 70.7%, against 81.2% rate of benzene removed, can remove 90% of harmful gases.
Five. Medical cleaning equipment
(1) air sterilization wards:
There needs regularly disinfected isolation ward, between radiology room, ward duty room, dressing room, pantry, patient lifts, outpatient waiting room, ward corridors. It was the case under the ward, focusing ward ventilation, with particular emphasis on natural convection air ventilation, indoor air with outdoor air adhere exchange, poor natural ventilation equipment is necessary to meet the ventilation equipment (fan). When no one ward, disinfection with ozone gas, each less than one hour, 2-3 times a day.
(2) the appearance of objects on the ground and disinfection:
Wards, corridors, examination rooms, X-ray room, B-room, laboratory, treatment rooms, medical units and other places on the ground to be wet drag sweep, available 18mg / L ozone water mopping. Available 18mg / L ozone water tables, chairs, stools, bedside cabinets, door handles, folders, and other medical scrub disinfection. Doorway, ward entrances can be placed impregnated with 2000mg / L chlorine mats useful, from time to time to make up spray disinfectant mats adhere to moist.
(3) Medical sewage treatment:
Medical waste water rich in many pathogenic bacteria and viruses, is one of the risks of pollution sources to convey disease. Medical sewage treatment easily constitute improper infection outbreaks. Thus strengthening and improving the health of sewage treatment facilities, safe disposal of sewage advances in medical skill level, to cut off infection useful path to ensure people's health has extremely important practical significance.
Cambridge Wuhan Environmental Protection Equipment Co., sewage treatment and disposal of medical equipment selection system fully enclosed structure, completely eliminate pathogenic microorganisms aerosol macromolecules with air pollution, preventing dispersion of pathogenic microorganisms; not only reach the sewage treatment no useful of harm, and the exhaust gas emissions and are emitted high strength and long time sterilization, to ensure exclusion from sewage treatment equipment exhaust is safe and harmless.
Six, chemical use
  Ozone as a strong oxidant, catalyst and refining agent and used in chemical, petroleum, paper, textile and pharmaceutical, perfume industry.
If you add a control switch on the ozone attack, a very nice that you can use

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Ozone generator disinfection and purification applications

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