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The main role of the ozone generator and air source selection

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    The main role of the ozone generator 1. disinfection. Studies have shown that ozone is a broad-spectrum, high efficiency, fast fungicide, ozone generator that can quickly kill people and a variety of bacteria, viruses and animal pathogenic microorganisms. Ozone is a very strong oxidizing substances, the use of its oxidation, can be destroyed in a relatively short period of biological structures of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms, ozone generator so that loss of viability. The use of oxidizing compounds to kill microorganisms in order to achieve sterilization effect there are many, such as the common chlorine, bleaching powder, potassium permanganate. However, these fungicides only slower than the speed of ozone sterilization, and generally harmful fungicide. 2, detoxification. Ozone oxidation can effectively remove toxic gases, such as ozone generator C0, S02, mustard and the like. Ozone dissolved in water oxidized, so as to effectively remove pesticides break down toxic substances in water, such as heavy metals, organic poison, cyanide, sulfide and dichlorvos, omethoate, Mara sulfuric acid. 3, protection and preservation. Because ozone for bacteria, microbes strong killing effect, ozone generator water treatment with ozone meat and other foods can achieve corrosion, eliminate odors, fresh effect. While the ozone generator can also generate lots of negative ions, negative ions in the air and some fruits and vegetables can effectively inhibit respiration, delay the metabolism. Meanwhile, ozone can kill pathogens causing rotting fruits and vegetables, fruit and vegetable storage decomposition produced during ripening effect of metabolic wastes such as ethylene, alcohols, aldehydes, aromatic and other substances. Thus, the role of ozone and negative ions inhibited the growth and spread of fruits and vegetables metabolism and microbial pathogens, thus delaying the aging subsequently cooked, to prevent their spoiled, to the effect of preservation. Studies have shown that ozone can storage period of food, beverages and fruits and vegetables extend 3-10 times. 4, odor, odor. The main component of the natural ozone generator cause odor and taste of corruption is ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, methyl mercaptan, dimethyl sulfide, dimethyl disulfide, ozone oxidation reaction can be chemically decomposed into non-toxic and they happen, odorless substance, so as to achieve the effect of deodorant. Ozone generator design approach due to improper use, bad maintenance, material replacement and other reasons may lead to dangerous. Source of danger ozone generator are: oxygen, ozone, machinery for the line, electric and air pressure, which can lead to oxygen and ozone preferably danger. But when ozone is used as a raw material gas, because of its combustion and accelerate the burning characteristics (especially when the air content of> 25% by volume), so if bad ventilation, internal or external device pipeline leak or open oxygenated system can make oxygen concentration rises to dangerous levels. Oxygen concentration increases the risk of fire. To this end, specifically prohibits the fire, are not allowed to use tarps, avoid contact with the oil and butter in contact with oxygen equipment. Ozone is a toxic, corrosive gas, it can intensify fire, heavier than air and oxygen (in the ground, the plot set within narrow road), spicy and unstable. Here is the body's response to various concentrations of ozone will be generated. Home use ozone generators are not too stringent requirements, but be careful disinfection should be closed when the room is good, not to keep people inside. After disinfection best to wait one hour before entering, and open doors and windows for ventilation. The higher the humidity, the better sterilization, but in general there is no home ozone air preparation equipment, high humidity will affect the production of ozone machines, if the air humidity is below 40% -50% will greatly reduce the effects of ozone. Ozone generator ozone concentrations above the boot and a half hours at 2.5ppm ozone can be a kind of trace gases in the Earth's atmosphere, which is due to solar radiation, atmospheric oxygen molecules into oxygen atoms after decomposition by oxygen atoms combine with oxygen molecules also around is formed, containing three oxygen atoms. More than 90% of atmospheric ozone present in the stratosphere or the upper part of the atmosphere, from the ground

    There are 10 to 50 km, this is the need for human beings to protect the ozone layer. There are a small number of ozone molecules hovering near the ground, still have a role to block UV rays. When selecting the ozone generator should be noted: ozone tube fittings are flame retardant material, normal should gather tetraethyl fluoride, some manufacturers use ordinary plastic, do not say life is short, very easy breakdown. Check cooling, cooling degree is not good, turned twelve hours ozone concentration is greatly reduced, especially small ozone generator 3 the same volume of ozone ozone gram tube of the greater number, indicating that manufacturers of advanced technology, which costs low, affordable prices. 4 We buy most of ozone disinfection water treatment, aeration of choice is important, some people think the machine on the line, the ozone issue not fully dissolve in fact, have wasted ozone is allotrope of oxygen, is a strong oxidizing agent; which reduce pesticide, the effect is to remove bacteria chlorine 1.5 times faster than chlorine bactericidal faster 600-3000 times. At room temperature, the natural decay of the ozone into oxygen, decay period of 15 minutes to 25 minutes. Ozone in the water is quickly converted into "ecological oxygen", and there is no residual problems. Ozone is a highly efficient, rapid drug except fungicides. It can quickly in a short time to resolve pesticide residues, bacteria, viruses rapidly destroyed. Air cleanliness level of sterile pharmaceutical manufacturing environment requirements: In order to meet these requirements, what should we purify the sterilization process to choose? Currently there are four methods of sterilization. Ozone sterilization which is an important method of them. But no matter what kind of sterilization method, must reach the above requirements, the ozone sterilization is no exception. Ozone sterilization as a method to replace traditional disinfection methods, more stringent requirements in it and more easy and easy, otherwise, it is difficult to gain a foothold. Ozone generator design conditions are as follows: 1) Temperature: ozone generator ozone generator design ambient temperature range of 0-40 ℃ 2) Humidity: ozone generator design relative humidity <90% 3) Cooling water: water-cooled ozone Design of cooling water temperature ≤ 30 ℃, generally use the plant as a cooling water circulating cooling water ozone generator 4) atmospheric pressure: the standard atmospheric ozone generator design, ie atmospheric pressure 101.3KPa 5) air conditions: ozone generator requirements for the use of air dew point ≤ -45 ℃. 6) Power requirements: For standard ozone generator, the general use of 220V / 1ph / 50Hz power supply, or 380V / 3ph / 50Hz power supply. Selection ozone generator ozone generator air source air source selection: Ozone applications occur mainly in the amount determined under gaseous sterilization and disinfection is divided into two major categories of the liquid state. The amount and use of ozone occurs generally in accordance with the nominal amount multiplied by the amount of time occur determined, vuv6fdi but in different uses and different places accrual then determine the amount of attenuation. Ozone generator In use, the configuration of the gas source directly affect the occurrence of ozone concentration, yield and purity, the gas source is generally divided into an ordinary air, dry air source, and industrial oxygen enriched oxygen source gas source four, or more gas source configuration, in the event of the same device, the concentration and yield in ascending order. According to the application of common sense, the general should not be configured ordinary gas supply, because this will affect the life-generating device is connected and the amount of lead to instability occurs. Therefore, the common-use gas source can be roughly divided into the following categories: 1) dry air supply - space disinfection, water treatment, swimming pool water, aquaculture water, recycled water production, water reuse, etc. 2) rich source of oxygen - 3) industrial oxygen source high concentrations of ozone demand the use of premises, such as purified water, mineral water, sewage treatment, medicine, food shop, etc. - require a higher purity, concentration needs more important, small volume, etc. 3. Applications for - disinfection application of large spaces, such as medicine, food and other industries workshop sterilization, the general should install specialized piping


    Points through to the workshop, the ozone distribution, and some through the central air-conditioning duct pipes, but this way sometimes causing the air conditioning duct metal corrosion and ozone depletion. 4. For the treatment, the main configuration ozone water soluble dosing device, generally divided into aeration (direct aeration or oxidation tower), Venturi ejector style, turbo or Nike Ni negative priming pump Mixed style several, more than can be dissolved in water in order to improve efficiency, Nike Ni pump efficiency up to 95%. 1) aeration: water, water aquaculture, production of recycled water, sewage, industrial waste, etc.) Venturi jet: Secondary water, purified water, mineral water, aquaculture water cooling, swimming pool water, etc. 3) negative priming: Application of small water bodies 4) gas-liquid mixing pump: small water bodies application or ozone disinfectant application

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The main role of the ozone generator and air source selection

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