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Air Source Ozone generator

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  • Industrial air fed ozone generator
  • Industrial air fed ozone generator
  • Industrial air fed ozone generator
Industrial air fed ozone generator
  • Products Model:HY-018
  • Ozone production:200g/h
  • Product Size:99*45*148
  • Cooling:Air-cooled+Water-cooled
  • Power supply:220/110V, 50/60HZ
  • Power:2000
  • Air Source Type:Air source
  • Unit:set
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    Industrial Air Fed Ozone Generator

    Ozone Generator Features and Functions

    Advance cold corona discharge technology

    Optimization of mechanical design

    Advanced IGBT power supply unit

    Low harmonic pollution

    Low energy consumption

    High ozone concentration

    Compact structure

    Low maintenance workload

    Automatic interface control

    Quartz ozone tube

    Ozone discharge chamber adopts quartz tube body discharge, the discharge body of ozone production, high ozone concentration, the greatest degree of and give full play to the function of power supply system and cooling system, is the key to high yield and high concentration ozone generator.


    Ozone in Waste Water Processing


    Ozone can break down organic material and chemicals. Ozone has the ability to disinfect the final stage of effluent and reduce odour emissions. Ozone will reduce the BOD (biochemical oxygen demand) of the waste and so reduce its disposal costs because municipal processing fees and charges are often based on the BOD. Recycled water is now very common for irrigation purposes but must be treated so that it is free of organisms that can cause harm. Ozone will sanitise the waste water prior to agricultural use allowing it to comply with health regulations.


    Ozone in Swimming Pools

    How often have the children come in from a swim in the pool complaining of sore eyes? The smell of chlorine is really annoying too. A minimum residual level of chlorine (or a derivative) in a pool is a council requirement to ensure the effective control of pathogens. When ozone is used in a swimming pool it can reduce the amount of chlorine required to maintain the correct level of sanitisation. It is best used in a pool that has automatic control of the ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) level. That way the automatic system doses chlorine to the required level taking into account the effect that the ozone has had on the ORP. The result is a sparkling pool that does not have the undesirable traits that a chlorine only pool has.

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    Industrial air fed ozone generator

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