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car ozone generator

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  • car air purifier ozonizer with ionizer
  • car air purifier ozonizer with ionizer
  • car air purifier ozonizer with ionizer
car air purifier ozonizer with ionizer
  • Products Model:HY-028
  • Ozone production:5g/h
  • Product Size:55*40*120cm
  • Cooling:Air-cooled
  • Power supply:220V/50HZ
  • Power:150W
  • Air Source Type:Air source
  • Unit:1 set
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    Car Air Purifier Ozonizer with Ionizer


    For a long time, wipe steam has been used in car beauty indusrty for disinfection, sterilization, deodorization, etc. These methods hava a lot of defects in using. Ozone disinfection products provide a fast and efficient, safe and reliable, easy-to-use method of disinfection, it is the ideal replacement for the traditional disinfection equipment, is sure to be a wide range of applications.

    Ozone is the allotropic oxygen, gaseous at room temperature, colorless in low concentrations, easily soluble in water. Ozone has strong oxidizing ability. When contaminants such as odors, bacteria or viruses make contact with ozone, their chemical structure is changed to less odorous compounds. As more ozone stacks the remaining compounds, the odor is eventually destroyed. This process is called oxidation. Ozone essentially reverts back to oxygen after it is used. This makes it a very environment friendly oxidant.

    Jiahuan Series “Automotive sterilizer” is a high-tech equipment dedicated to automotive interior space disinfection, sterilization, purification. Using newest ozone devices and variety of protection circuits, as well as ion generator for dust purification to insure its excellent performance and long lifespan.



    1. Ozone output: 100% 5g/hr

    2. Negative ion: 8-10 milions

    3. Timers: 5mins for ozone sterilization, 5mins for negative ion purification

    4. OEM /ODM Approved

    5. Technology corona discharge

    6. Plug-in, Auto operating with micro-technology

    7. LED control panel

    8. Work counter times display

    9. CE and RoHS approved

    10. Built-in air cooled quartz ozone tube with long lie time, high stability, high ozone concentration and lower power consumption.

    11. Suitavle used for the machine with no-edges, movable and inner0set stable

    12. Control panel: Ozone timer, Anion timer, Total working time or counter, LED control panel, working light, Auto-setting

    13. Each model has 2 colorful and anti-oxygen silicone tubes for ozone and anion output




    Fast and completely decompose harmful volatile organic compounds inside the car, such as formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, TVOC total volatile organic compounds, etc; deodorize unpleasant smells of cigarette smoke, alcohol and foods, effectively kill suspended bacteria and virused, and protect passengers from cross infection.

    Adopting plasma solo patent technology, it can produce bothe positive ions and negative ions, Eliminate dust and static electricity in air, purify polluted substabce from car off gas, such as carbon monoxide, ex nitride ox hydroxide, etc. and negative anion can neutralize with the soot anddust of positive ion floating in the air, as result it can be down so clear the air. The anion can be absorbed easily by various organisms which will change their structures or transfer their energy, so as to elimination the peculiar smells and germs. So creat a natural forese-like environment, keep drivers nerve function, relieve fatigue, ease stress and anxiety.


    Why to use this machine?

    Under the temperature and humidity of a sealed car compartment, formaldehyde, benzene and fatigue, nausea and respiratory infectious diseases such as tonsilities, bronchitis and pneumonia. Furthermore, such condiction agravates illness and brings harm to our health. Besides, Staphylococcus aureus which is normally found in car will produce foul orour, whereas dust and dirt will affact the efficiency of air conditioner. Therefore, we need this car air purifier to eliminate bacteria, neutralise and degrade toxic and harmful gas as well as eliminate odour.




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    car air purifier ozonizer with ionizer

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