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Oxygen ozone generator

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  • water treatment ozone generator with built-in oxygen concentrator
  • water treatment ozone generator with built-in oxygen concentrator
  • water treatment ozone generator with built-in oxygen concentrator
water treatment ozone generator with built-in oxygen concentrator
  • Products Model:YT-018
  • Ozone production:200g/h
  • Product Size:60*50*143cm
  • Cooling:Air-cooled+Water-cooled
  • Power supply:220-110V/50-60HZ
  • Power:2200
  • Air Source Type:Oxygen source
  • Unit:set
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    Water treatment ozone generator with built-in oxygen concentrator

    Feeding with oxygen source and air compressor outside, with 80g/hr, 100g/hr, 150g/hr ozone output. High ozone concentration with corona discharge technology. Application in all kinds of water treatment for purifier, disinfection, sterilization, color reduce etc.



    1. Technology corona discharge ozone generator with high ozone concentration and longlife time, 220-240V/50HZ voltage

    2. With air source exchanged interface, could be self-oxygen feeding or air feeding

    3. Design with small size, easy taking and light weight

    4. Volume of ozone machine is smaller than in ozone industry, installation area is not restricted

    5. Inner PSA high purified oxygen generator

    6. Water cooling and air cooling system, efficiently heat release easy, high ozone concentration and high safety

    7. Ozone concentration adjustable

    8. Thermal-shutdown and over voltage protection

    9. Easy operation: oozne system switch and air pump switch

    10. High ozone concentration output, high output pressure and suitable for varied kind water treatment



    1. Drinking water, mineral water, cooling water, swimming recycle water, secondary water supply, industrial water etc

    2. Sewage treatment, COD degradation, bleaching treatment, waste water, waste gas etc

    3. Hospital sewage and other industrial water purifier, sterilization, deodorization to remove bad odor, phenol, sulfur, iron and other metal ions in waste water treatment; especially for the biological toxic, biodegradable pollutant treatment to improve its biological activity with a special effects.



    Ozone in Aquaculture

    With the increase in demand for seafood and the reduction of ocean fish stock Aquaculture is now a growth industry. Growing healthy fish stock requires waste matter removal and water treatment to provide a healthy environment for the stock. Ozone can be used to reduce toxicity allowing water to be recycled through the system in a closed loop thereby reducing the need for large amounts of fresh water being continuously added .

    Ozone with on site ozone generator is the ideal disinfectant for aquaculture because of its ability to kill bacteria and viruses without leaving any residue.

    Ozone is an effective treatment that:

    * Oxidizes organic matter such as fish excrement.

    * Precipitates dissolved matter.

    * Allows the micro-flocculation of organic matter.

    * Destabilizes colloidal particles.

    * Disinfects the water.

    Moreover, any excess ozone decomposes to oxygen and thus poses no health risk for the fish or the people who subsequently consume them.

    For Aquaculture's critical application ozone is generated form onsite ozonator using oxygen as feed gas which is again generated by oxygen concentrator.

    Jiahuan Ozone Systems and has specially developed ozonator and oxygen concentrator which can meet all the requirement of Aquaculture fish farming.




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    water treatment ozone generator with built-in oxygen concentrator

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