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Storage application The ozone prospect for storage

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Application of ozone in the storage industry

In the past, killing storage pests and microorganisms, the use of phosphine fumigants and other pesticides. But storage pests have been used for nearly a century has produced fumigant phosphine resistance, therefore, the use of methyl bromide in the

Fresh fruits and vegetables in the field

Fruits, vegetables, transportation, storage has been an urgent problem, improper handling will bring great losses. It is reported that China has an annual 30-40% of vegetables due to improper storage and partial backlog and become garbage. Ozone and negat

Warehousing ozone technology examples

Bananas at high ozone concentrations, the banana metabolism strong. However, at low concentrations, e.g. 1.55ppm under physiological damage may occur. If the ozone concentration in 25-30ppm, 8 days after the banana skin will produce spots. Ozone concentra




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