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ozone introduction ozone introduction

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ozone generator car air purifier

The car air purifier disinfects, deodorizes and sterilizes the car interior with
the introduction of low quantities of ozone and negative ions in the vehicle.
The use of environmentally friendly ozone which destroys odors and
sterilizes air and surface

How ozone produce and work

Ozone is a high energy and very unstable molecule composed of three oxygen atoms (O3). The extra atom of oxygen attempts to recombine any things in its path in order to stabilise. When it comes in contact with contaminants such as Bacteria, Virus, or Orga

Ozone Introduction

What is ozone generator?

Ozone generator as a new technology using for water treatment, it can be using for water antivirus and water purification

Ozone Application in Water treatment

Ozone in Aquaculture and Aquaponics
With the increase in demand for seafood and the reduction of ocean fish stock Aquaculture is now a growth industry. Growing healthy fish stock requires waste matter removal and water treatment to provide a healthy envi

Ozone effect and concentration

Tsinghua University, compiled according to the "ozone technology anthology," a book about the application of ozone concentration by the concentration of air safety, the application concentration, the concentration of water use, environmental concentrati

Ozone manufacturing method

A, the principle of photochemical method: make waves in the ultraviolet polymerization of molecular oxygen and ozone decomposition. Photochemical method is to produce a wavelength λ = 185nm (10 9 m) of the UV spectrum, this light most easily absorbed by O

Ozone disinfection on the surface of items

Microbial surface ozone also has articles killing effect, but also a wide range of applications such as tableware, toys, utensils, medical devices and other disinfection, sterilization, and now on the market ozone sterilizer, ozone can diffuse around the

The term of ozone generator

1. ozone --O3, consisting of three oxygen atoms, is a minor component of natural atmosphere, the average content of 0.1-0.01ppm, mostly concentrated in the

High-voltage corona Ozone Generator

Currently on the market is the most common use of equipment, there are two kinds of ozone production, an air-cooled; mainly used for air antivirus, ozone generation method is to use a ceramic plate electrode discharge, is the use of oxygen in the air to p

Ozone generator and applicaions introduction

1. Using water environmental protection industry: City water, domestic water, industrial water variety. For water sterilization, disinfection, odor, in addition to organic matter; the oxidation of water and other harmful heavy metals. Bactericidal effect,

Ozone Activated Carbon

Activated charcoal in the reaction, may effect as in the alkaline solution as OH-, accelerating decomposition of ozone and other free radicals such as • OH. Catalysts, activated carbon and ozone degradation of joint action as trace organic pollutants reac

Physical and chemical properties of ozone

First, the physical and chemical properties: ozone at normal temperature for a bluish explosive gas, with special smell, the strongest oxidant known density of 1.658 (air = 1). Ozone gas after cold treatment can be presented in liquid, and the liquid dens




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