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Ozone in Aquaculture

Ozone in water becomes a powerful disinfectant. It is able to kill bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi more effectively and safer than traditional chemical methods. Ozone controls water pollution and is more effective than reverse osmosis or water filt

Ozone for Commercial Kitchen Exhaust System

Ozone system reduces oil and grease in the kitchen exhaust systems keeping the exhaust duct works clean and odour free. Ozone breaks down the oil and grease in vapor form to carbon dioxide, water and a small amount of polymerized grease which leaves the e

ozone generator car air purifier

The car air purifier disinfects, deodorizes and sterilizes the car interior with
the introduction of low quantities of ozone and negative ions in the vehicle.
The use of environmentally friendly ozone which destroys odors and
sterilizes air and surface

ozone generator for hospital

The Ozone generator is excellent for removing smells Fresh odor in hospitals. Health facilities where patients spend a lot of time in bed often faced with special problems of odors that should be eliminated.

How ozone produce and work

Ozone is a high energy and very unstable molecule composed of three oxygen atoms (O3). The extra atom of oxygen attempts to recombine any things in its path in order to stabilise. When it comes in contact with contaminants such as Bacteria, Virus, or Orga

ozone in swimming pool

Ozone was first used in swimming pool water treatment in the 1950's. Since then its use has widely grown. There are over 30,000 swimming pools in Europe that are treated with ozone. The swimming pools for the Olympics have been treated with Ozone at leas

Ozone for cooling water treatment

The use of ozone in cooling tower treatment has received a
great deal of attention in recent years. In the prevention and control of legionnaires disease (legionella) causing microbes, ozone has taken an eminent roll. The specific characteristics of the

Ozone machine in Claw industry

Hydrogen peroxide bubble chicken legs and who threaten the current situation:
          Not long ago, the national media on the "Chengdu Pickle chicken legs if cancer" problem continued controversy provoked widespread concern, some unscrupulous traders

Ozone Introduction

What is ozone generator?

Ozone generator as a new technology using for water treatment, it can be using for water antivirus and water purification




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