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Ozone situation is not optimistic, "Sky" urgent practical floor plan

Published:2014-11-14 08:53:13 Publishers:佳环臭氧 Information Sources:易菇网 Pageviews: Font size:A+AA-

  Northern Hemisphere ozone-depleting substances in the atmosphere is increasing, an area equivalent to North America Antarctic ozone hole super ozone into the situation is not optimistic. Ozone depletion prone to cause skin tumors, in fact, to protect the ozone layer to protect ourselves. 5, Chinese customs in Urumqi, Xinjiang start combating illegal trade in ozone-depleting substances strengthen the capacity of the project (Ⅱ period), so that "Sky" practical floor plan. Ozone situation is not optimistic, "Sky" urgent practical floor plan.



  Tohoku University November 6 issued a statement saying the university to participate in an international team found that, in recent years, the destruction of the ozone layer in the Northern Hemisphere increasing hydrogen chloride. The team analyzed the Tsukuba in Japan and Switzerland, eight locations since the 1990s, since the concentration of hydrogen chloride half of atmospheric data, found that the concentration of stratospheric hydrogen chloride is increasing after 2007. The researchers found that by simulating calculus temporarily weaken the northern hemisphere atmospheric circulation in the atmosphere of hydrogen chloride to increase for a reason. But the researchers said that because of climate and other factors should also be considered, so the hydrogen chloride concentration rises above the Arctic Circle does not immediately lead to further destruction of the ozone layer. However, the research team also found that half of the 1990s from the beginning of the last century, the total amount of the entire Earth's atmosphere of hydrogen chloride continued to decrease, the research team believes the restrictions ozone depleting substances such as chlorofluorocarbons emissions produced results. 1987, signed "Montreal Protocol" provides to limit emissions of chlorofluorocarbons and other substances. Super ozone hole area equivalent to occur in North America, the northern hemisphere ozone destruction is gradually increased, the Southern Hemisphere is equally bleak. Although the ozone hole over the Antarctic is gradually reduced, but there is a considerable size and North America. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and NASA jointly over the Antarctic ozone hole had an ongoing observation, the ozone hole in the September 11 reached the annual peak. The ozone hole over Antarctica during the southern hemisphere spring August to September to form and expand. This year the maximum ozone hole has 24.1 million square kilometers, nearly equivalent to the peak in 2013. It is far from the highest ever single-day record of satellite observations to the area in 2000 reached 29.9 million square kilometers. The worst situation in 1998 and 2006, and now it seems that the ozone hole is gradually restored. Ozone depletion attention of the international community, because it can be shielded life on Earth from ultraviolet radiation damage. 1987 Montreal Protocol was enacted to protect the ozone layer by reducing the production of ozone-depleting products. But scientists are trying to determine whether it is empty reduce ozone or chlorine to reduce the temperature rise of the results. An atmospheric scientist at NASA Space Flight Center PaulNewman Gold said: "Under the year, every year for the differences in climate has a significant impact on the Antarctic ozone layer, because warmer stratospheric temperatures can reduce ozone depletion, but we are still uncertain. the long-term rise in temperature of the Antarctic stratosphere will reduce the ozone depletion. "ozone hole causes a lot of people have heard of the ozone layer and the ozone hole, that in the end what is the ozone hole? Why is the sky will appear the "hole" in it? Under standard conditions, if all the ozone in the Earth's atmosphere focused on the Earth's surface, the accumulated only about 3 mm thickness. Although the content of the atmosphere is small, but the effect is very important, it's like a huge blanket hung over the protection of human, animals and plants on Earth from shortwave UV damage, is the Earth's ecosystem "natural umbrella."

    In fact, the ozone hole ozone levels but said abnormal scarce regions, and not really the hole. The ozone hole was first discovered by the British Joe Farman (Joseph Farman). The spring of 1981, Farman and his colleagues found that monitoring data show ozone layer over Antarctica, an area much smaller than in the past. The following three years also got the same results. In 1985 they are on the "British Antarctic exploration" magazine published the findings and called the ozone hole. The article points out, the ozone hole area of about US territory so big, about 50% reduction in the total amount of ozone. So what led to the formation of the ozone hole it? Although there is disagreement, but scientists have basically reached a consensus, the ozone hole is not natural causes, but the atmosphere due to human activities emissions of CFCs (CFCs) and other ozone-depleting substances caused. CFCs, commonly known as Freon that day, is on behalf of methane and chlorofluorocarbons CFCs generation ethane, collectively, also known as "Freon" or "HCFCs", is widely used in hair sprays and refrigerants items inside. Why it would harm the ozone layer? The reason is that it contains chlorine. At low temperatures in the stratosphere, the surface of stratospheric ice clouds will absorb Freon and other chlorine and bromine-containing contaminants, chlorine and bromine to stimulate activity, consumption of large quantities of ozone by photochemical reactions. A chlorine atom can destroy over 100,000 ozone molecules, namely the elimination of one kilogram of freon can capture approximately 70,000 kg of ozone. Reduce the direct consequences of ozone in the atmosphere is the troposphere and near the sun's ultraviolet radiation on the ground, resulting in increased skin cancer and cataracts, affect human health and even suppress the body's immune function. In addition, ozone depletion has an adverse impact on many plants and animals, caused by rising temperatures will cause climate change. Therefore, the Antarctic ozone hole discovery aroused great attention from the international community, it is recognized that "Sky" has become essential. September 16, 1987, 36 countries and 10 international organizations signed the "ODS Montreal Protocol." The Copenhagen amendment in November 1992 through the expansion of the types of controlled substances, also greatly advance the phase-out schedule. January 23, 1995, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution on September 16 each year as "International Ozone Layer Protection Day." The research report of the United Nations message signs gradually repair the ozone layer, for international action together to govern the ozone layer and climate change is undoubtedly a great encouragement. However, the recovery of the ozone layer is bound to be a lengthy process, the international community must continue to work together to take effective measures to protect the ozone layer that the survival of the human "natural umbrella."

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Ozone situation is not optimistic, "Sky" urgent practical floor plan

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