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Disinfection of livestock production and development to promote economic efficiency

Published:2013-10-15 08:40:49 Publishers:佳环臭氧 Information Sources:佳环臭氧官网 Pageviews: Font size:A+AA-

Disinfection of pathogenic microorganisms, reduce livestock mortality; promote feed conversion, increase economic efficiency. Specific results are as follows

1. improve the farming environment pens

Effective removal of ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and other harmful gases in the pens, eliminate smell, and can effectively kill bacteria and viruses and other pathogens, and the sterilization speed, broad-spectrum, leaving, thus improving the survival rate of livestock, reduce mortality, less medication is not even medication, reduce production costs, improve product quality, to produce pollution-free green products, to create a green brand!

2, quickly and thoroughly to kill the air, feed, water in all kinds of pathogenic microorganisms, effectively remove the odor of manure ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and other gases, purify feeding environment.

3, the effective prevention and treatment of blue ear disease, Newcastle disease, and other major animal diseases, reducing the incidence of livestock, reduce mortality, improve survival, and promote the healthy and rapid growth of livestock and poultry.

4, the activation of immune cells and improve their resistance to diseases of livestock more than three times, poultry less sick, not sick, effective control of major diseases.

5, to promote aerobic metabolism of poultry, poultry enhance digestion and absorption, thus effectively improve the feed conversion rate, feed conversion ratio of meat 1.75: 1. The same amount of feed, farmers gain higher.

6, the use of livestock farming green instrument can reduce the amount of alternative veterinary medicine, reduce toxic residues, no secondary pollution caused by common disinfectants, poultry meat and eggs no drug residues, meat and eggs meet the requirements of the national development of green agricultural products, to ensure that farming household economic dramatically.

7, air disinfection, decontamination

Equipment for automatic control, instrumentation default boot once every hour, every 10-15 minutes, environmental disinfection, air purification, degradation of ammonia from livestock manure produced, hydrogen sulfide, for the healthy growth of livestock to provide a good environment, but the environment can kill a variety of pathogenic microorganisms and pathogens.

8, water disinfection

Oxygen in the water is unstable, resulting in a very strong oxidizing ability (stronger than single atomic oxygen) decomposition of hydroxyl (0H) and a single atom of oxygen, Oxygen kill microorganisms in water faster than chlorine from 300 to 600 times faster. Water can kill all bacteria, viruses, spores, the spores insects, but also kill the algae. Ozone oxidation and decomposition of organic pesticides in water and detergent and other impurities, but also the increased role of dissolved oxygen in the water, can greatly improve water quality. Depending on how much time to set the size of the processing of livestock drinking water amount, for example according to the size of about 300 chickens daily water demand 45Kg, after drinking three times the processing, handling each about 30min. This will enhance the role of the immune system: the transmission of information can activate immune cells. Immune promised an orderly manner, to enhance livestock

9, improve feed conversion rate

Oxygen drinking water livestock breeding instrument prepared, can effectively improve the oxygen content, improve gastrointestinal environment, promote nutrient absorption, improve feed conversion rate, so that rapid weight gain poultry slaughter early, increase output to vote

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Disinfection of livestock production and development to promote economic efficiency

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