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Hebei moderately polluted river seven million unsafe drinking water 1728

Published:2014-07-24 11:38:50 Publishers:佳环臭氧 Information Sources:微言网 Pageviews: Font size:A+AA-

July 23, the provincial second session of the Standing Committee heard a report on the ninth meeting of the province's water environmental protection work. The report notes that in 2013 the province's water chemical oxygen demand, ammonia emissions were reduced by more than 7.88% in 2010, 7.99%, three and seven major river water quality is better than the three sections ratio reached 48.6%, increase over 2010 1.4 percentage points worse than Grade V ratio of 30%, a decrease of 3.6 percentage points over 2010. The province's seven major river systems in general moderately polluted drinking water sources in our province and a better quality of coastal waters, rivers and lakes libraries lake water quality bias. According to the results of monitoring and evaluation, 88 urban centralized sources of drinking water with all the surface water and groundwater in three Grade II standard, coastal waters one, two Grade (bathing standards) reached 60%. The overall quality of the province's seven major river moderate pollution, including five Grade inferior section focused on Ziya River, Zhangweinan and Heilonggang River. Lake water quality in lakes and reservoirs are varying degrees of eutrophication, groundwater contamination problems highlighted some areas. The province is a typical resource-shortage provinces, but also the rare no major rivers crossing the province, the lack of natural runoff, lack of water off, a river easy dry, easy water pollution. In recent years, the province's average rainfall of 532 mm, the average amount of 20.5 billion cubic meters of water, only 0.7% of the total; 307 cubic meters per capita water resources of the province, only 1/7 of the country. In the case of water shortage in our province, but also bear 80% of Beijing, Tianjin and 93 percent of industrial and agricultural production and domestic water supply tasks. 17.28 million rural people drinking unsafe water pollution prevention in our province's long-term accumulation of the problem has not been solved, new problems are emerging, water pollution presents structured, compact, complex superposition trend. Raw materials industry and the province, "two high" industry is relatively concentrated, high emissions of major pollutants. Meanwhile, heavy metals mercury, cadmium, chromium and other industrial waste water increases, persistent organic pollution levels, water pollution from surface water began to spread to deep groundwater. According to statistics, the province average fertilization 33.3 kg per mu of arable land, 2.2 times in developed countries, fertilizer utilization rate is only 35%. A lot of garbage dumped in rural areas, sewage discharge misplacing chaos, human and animal wastes directly into rivers without treatment, sewage and garbage storage long river, pond surrounding groundwater pollution. Currently, the province still has 17.28 million rural population unsafe drinking water, more than 570 million people drink high-fluorine water, brackish water. The report notes that the province water environmental regulatory power and relative lack of monitoring tools, some districts and cities and all counties (cities, districts) does not have the ability to source of drinking water for the whole index analysis, 41 counties did not meet the national environmental monitoring standardization building requirements.

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Hebei moderately polluted river seven million unsafe drinking water 1728

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