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Shanxi aniline leakage polluted river

Published:2014-08-02 12:05:43 Publishers:佳环臭氧 Information Sources:腾讯网 Pageviews: Font size:A+AA-

    According to Voice of China "News" reported about yesterday (5th) 17:00, Handan City, sudden large urban area without water accidents. Cause of the accident is connected Handan Shanxi authorities informed in upstream Zhuozhang occurred in Shanxi accidental emissions. Currently, the Handan City water testing report has not been released, the government temporarily to remind people not to drink the water Zhang. Hebei upstream Zhang has two branches, divided Zhuozhang and Zhang Qing, both in Shanxi Province. So-called accidental discharge of pollutants in the end is how it happened? Early this morning, "Newsline" on duty editor interviewed Shanxi Environmental Protection Bureau deputy director Liu Shan. Liu Shan: the results of the preliminary investigation is a tank equipped with aniline occurred leak. Liu Shan also said that he is handling the spill Shanxi Changzhi. It is understood that aniline is a widely used chemical raw material, can be used as dyeing, the production of pesticides, explosives as a stabilizer in gasoline explosion agent. Hazardous to the environment, can cause pollution of water bodies. If inhalation or contact with the human body, can cause hemolytic anemia and liver and kidney damage. So far, Shanxi Changzhi aniline spill treatment how? There are no blocked pollution? Shanxi Environmental Protection Bureau deputy director Liu told reporters. Liu Shan: After the event, the government launched an emergency plan, by damming intercept, there is a depression in the vicinity, the part of the emission of pollutants introduced into the depressions, while carrying out emergency monitoring, is still carried out in full swing emergency the work. While aniline spill occurred in Shanxi, but the pollution flowing into the river, has been a threat to the downstream of Hebei. Liu, deputy director, at present, Shanxi and Hebei provinces have taken emergency measures linkage. Liu Shan: related to the reservoir, Hebei, Shanxi provinces linkage emergency, Shanxi main work is in the early cut off the source, based on the further refinement of measures taken, Hebei purification measures taken and to carry out emergency monitoring. Accident occurred before 25 spill occurred in December 31, 2012, is already five or six days before the. Reporter: When did this accident happen? Liu Shan: the accident was on the 31st of December. Reporter: December 31? Liu Shan: right. December 31, 2012 as early as 7:40, accident, Shanxi Province, Department of Environmental Protection informed news January 5, an interval of five days time. According to the provisions of Article 30 March 2012 by the Shanxi "Shanxi Emergency Response Bill": the larger and more after temporarily unable to ascertain levels of unexpected events, counties (cities, districts) People's Government shall promptly report districts and municipal government, provincial government departments and provincial government units should report within two hours. The report within two hours of this, in the end what is the reason to delay the five days? In this regard, the Voice of China will continue to focus.

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Shanxi aniline leakage polluted river

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