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Guangzhou jiahuan attend the 8th mushroom festival(EX No.B28)

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Beyond the self, the next challenge!

 The content is not the same, not the same wonderful! Eighth Chinese Mushroom Festival The 8th Chinese Mushroom Days First Circular Chinese Mushroom Festival has been successfully held the seventh annual session of the Chinese Mushroom Festival has become Asia's largest and most influential international mushroom industry event! Has become a domestic mushroom colleagues learn, communicate, communicate and interact best platform! Mushroom industry has become China's development of navigation lights and wind vane! Eighth Chinese Mushroom Festival will be held as scheduled 15-17 November 2014 in Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province, conference organization will draw on the successful experience of the Seventh China Mushroom Festival, continue to use the "exhibition will bring" the meeting and Venue all concentrated in Zhangzhou Wanda Royal Hotel. As we all know, our country is the largest producer of edible fungus, but not producing power. 

Chinese Mushroom Festival held successfully promote the country mushroom industry "from big to strong" development, especially mushroom factory mode with the rapid development and introduction of "Chinese Mushroom Festival" are inseparable! "Chinese Mushroom Festival" on the development of mushroom industry focus has changed from the previous "How good mushroom species" to the present "How serves decent mushroom", "efficiency to survive," and so on; from a single part of the previous production technology shift development to the present set of bacteria, raw materials, technology, equipment, management, marketing, branding, culture and capital sectors as a whole whole industry chain integration! Eighth Chinese Mushroom Festival organizers will always uphold the Office will aim with the times, and the development of mushroom industry the same fate, pay close attention to difficulties in the development of the industry, the hot spots and focus; "How kind of good mushroom" Under the premise of the discussion focused on how to curry favor with mushrooms, mushroom enterprises how to solve our problem of existence, only to solve the problem of existence, in order to develop! Height determines vision, ideas determine! 

Our mushroom industry is in a cataclysmic era! We must learn to "jump Chu Three Realms, not the element," Chu jump mushroom mushroom industry perspective, in order to break through the bottleneck of the development of the mushroom industry. Our mushroom industry only to introduce new thinking --- "cross" and "Internet thinking" in order to find a new growth point and flash point, in order to usher in a better tomorrow! First, the name of the eighth Chinese Mushroom Festival (The 8th Chinese Mushroom Days) Second, what kind of good mushroom theme, serves decent mushrooms, survival, and development! Third, the time November 15, 2014 - on the 17th, the 14th four-day conference report, Zhangzhou Wanda Royal Hotel location: http: // Address: Zhangzhou City, Fujian Longwen built 2 yuan Road Tel: 0596-2866666 Fax: 0596-2869217 five organizers CFNA China Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province People's Government of the People's Government of Fujian Rural Affairs Office of Fujian Institute of edible fungus mushroom six industry associations, Sponsor Zhangzhou Municipal People's Government Office of Rural Work Zhangzhou Municipal Bureau of Agriculture LongWen District People's Government of Zhangzhou City, Zhangzhou City, Zhangzhou City, canned mushroom Food Industry Association Chamber of Commerce Exhibition Co., Ltd. Beijing Yi mushroom CCAC Fang Yuan (Beijing) Investment Management Ltd. Zhangzhou Wanda Royal Hotel Seven, co-organized by Science and Technology Bureau of Zhangzhou City, Zhangzhou City Association for Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Taiwan Chi Quan eight, China Agricultural Society mushroom Branch Support Unit International Medicinal Mushroom Society (ISMM) Nine, professional media support unit easy mushroom Network: Netherlands Mushroom Business magazine: "medicinal food" magazine: days, said mushroom Information Network: mushroom Jiangsu network: Ten, the main contents of the Mushroom Festival organizing committee decided to overturn the previous model, in preparation for formal bold change, open the door to do so, airing, and strive to be the eighth successive Chinese Mushroom Festival into the best ever. First part: Professor Huang Yi "mushroom factory cultivation practice" book signings wind energy-cum-application communication technology blue cocktail party; Time: November 14, 2014 15: 30-20: 00 Location: Zhangzhou Wanda Royal Hotel The second part of the three conference rooms: 

The eighth meeting of the main content of Chinese Mushroom Festival: Time: November 15, 2014 -17 days Location: Zhangzhou Wanda Royal Hotel three meeting rooms an international forum Agaricus mushroom factory ; Agaricus mushroom cultivation factory is currently one of the hottest and investment priorities of the development of the mushroom industry, how to develop suitable for China Agaricus mushroom industry is the industry issues of common concern, this Mushroom Festival early as six months ago planning matter, the Office will uphold the principle of Costly, spend heavily invited several famous Agaricus experts with extensive combat experience in the lecture, we believe will give the industry peers do not like surprises, not the same feeling! 2, mushroom growing companies how to break through the bottleneck, enhance the core competitiveness - marketing, management and capital operation Session; "Chinese Mushroom Festival" on the development of mushroom industry focus has changed from the previous "How kind of good mushroom" to the present "How serves decent mushroom", "efficiency to survive," and so on; in the "How good mushroom species," the premise, focusing on how to curry favor with mushrooms, mushroom enterprises how to solve our problem of existence, only to solve the problem of existence, in order to seek development of! 3, rare mushroom varieties and cultivation factory leisure and health product development forum; our mushroom industry today, low-level, homogeneity is very serious! In today's brutally competitive society, mushroom enterprises must take the road of development of competitive differentiation. To make the mushroom industry embarked on a healthy and sustainable path of development, correctly guide the development of the mushroom industry, the organizing committee, the proposition operations, invited China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan famous mushroom expert, focuses maitake, velvet mushrooms , white fungus, black fungus, bacteria hydrangea, Antrodia ...... rare mushroom varieties such as leisure and health products factory cultivation and how to develop! This step we are planning, among organizations, we believe that the ability and confidence to industry peers do not like surprises! 4, mushrooms factory Roundtable; how to develop the mushrooms factory industry in China is currently the focus of attention of the mushroom industry, this part of the country's famous portrait of mushroom expert Professor Huang Yi presided Analysis of China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan factories mushrooms advantages and disadvantages of cultivation mode, common PK! Suitable for China to explore the development of mushroom cultivation factory mode. 5, bacteria slag recycling utilization Roundtable; currently mushroom factory industry homogeneous competition is very serious, we faced a problem. How to use the mushroom factory production wastes generated media (bacteria residue) is an issue of common concern. This session was co-chaired by the famous Chinese mushroom expert Professor Huang Yi and Zhangzhou City Mushroom Industry Association, investigate bacteria slag recycling utilization. 6, Daizai mushroom factory equipment forum; we all know that China is the largest producer of edible fungus, mushroom factory in recent years, surging cultivation, thriving, but mushroom, mushroom, crab and other varieties of mushroom factory bottle gardening only about 10 percent of the share accounted for only 90% or in mushroom bag cultivation decentralized approach based, with rising labor costs, and pay more attention to food safety, with mushrooms, fungus, white fungus and other edible varieties factory Daizai will become everyone's attention and research focus, but with the degree of automation machinery and equipment phase sets is not high, has seriously restricted the development of Daizai mushroom cultivation factory! The Organizing Committee will be invited abroad and bag cultivation mushroom cultivation factory-related equipment manufacturers and suppliers of new equipment and new product introduction. 7, good work · 2014 Fourth easy mushroom Network Association: mushroom information technology and e-commerce Entrepreneurs Association Forum electricity supplier. Part III: Eighth Chinese Mushroom Festival exhibition. Time: November 15 to 17 Venue: Royal Hotel Zhangzhou Wanda floor lobby outside the parking lot and three banquet lobby. 1. Show Date 15-17 November 2014, which were 13-14 exhibition structures, on the 14th day of Exhibitor Registration and exhibition.

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Guangzhou jiahuan attend the 8th mushroom festival(EX No.B28)

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