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The 7th Mushroom Festival

Published:2013-11-10 01:00:00 Publishers:佳环臭氧 Information Sources:佳环臭氧官网 Pageviews: Font size:A+AA-

Guangzhou Jiahuan Booth: W18 mushroom ozone generator for showrooms.

Welcome to the new and old customers to come visit! The exhibition is divided into two parts Mushroom Festival:

1, mushroom Machinery Exhibition-cum-raw materials:

Mushroom industry to modernize equipment must be mechanized mushroom, electronics and automation. In order to further promote the development of Chinese mushroom industry, machinery and equipment for domestic and mushroom cum raw material provides a full range of display platform, the organizing committee considering the mushroom machinery large, heavy-duty, a larger area, etc. the actual situation, after considering the combined Royal Hotel Zhangzhou Wanda actual site conditions, the decision outside the hotel lobby ad hoc "mushroom Machinery Equipment and raw material hall."

2, the mushroom industry, new technologies, new products, new results show:

Mushroom industry to achieve high yield, not by a single technology improvements and inventions, but by a new strain development, technology upgrade, equipment improvements, management level and other "fluff" in order to achieve comprehensive. In order to let the mushroom mushroom industry practitioners to understand the latest developments at home and abroad, the organizing committee in Zhangzhou Wanda Royal Hotel on the third floor conference room, dedicated to carry out certain areas as "mushroom industry, new technologies, new products, new results show." .

Time: November 20 to 22

Location: Zhangzhou Wanda Royal Hotel lobby outside layer (mushroom Equipment and raw materials exhibition);

Wanda Wah Wah Hotel Zhangzhou three halls, banquet hall and ballroom C (mushroom industry, new technologies, new products, new results show)

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The 7th Mushroom Festival

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