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United Arab Emirates (UAE) distributor visited our company

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United Arab Emirates (UAE) distributor visited our company

Last week, Mr CHAHIN NASSAR has come to China and visited our factory. Before that he had bought 5 samples of our model HY-028A for a test.

He stayed in Guangzhou for five days, learning about our products,negotiating with us about the order of 72 sets model HY-028A ozone car air purifier, confirmming the 30% deposit. He speak highly of our products and have arranged a new order of other 3 samples of air source ozone generator during the time of visiting our showroom.

Before leaving for Spain, he told me that our product quality is the number one, and he would like to buy all the big ozone machines from our factory, which makes me feel very proud.

Now, every thing is running well, HY-028A are under production, 3 samples are ready for delivery, and Chahin, wish a nice vacation in Spain. Your trust is our motivation of moving forward.

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United Arab Emirates (UAE) distributor visited our company

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