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Guangzhou Jiahuan - Qingdao International Edible Fair in May

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To further enhance our Edible innovative new products and technology research and development and achievements, build a unified, open, competitive and orderly market system mushroom, improve the industrial market regulation, improve the efficiency of market liquidity and promote the production and marketing docking, and thus to enhance our Edible the level of development of the industry, China Vegetable Circulation Association, Chinese mushroom Business Network scheduled in 2015 May 8 to 11, jointly organized "2015 (China, Qingdao) International Edible Expo and new products and technology market in Qingdao City, Shandong Province Circulation Summit ", the General Assembly would invite the leaders and experts inside and outside the relevant state departments to the meeting on the current situation of China's economic operation and development status and technological innovation mushroom industry, product distribution channels and market development, production and marketing docking do a special report , will invite well-known industry experts for mushroom production, processing and distribution in the key issues of technology, management, human resources and marketing thinning to discuss, inform the relevant industry, analysis of industrial situation, interpret industrial policy, industry difficult to break, in theory and practice-oriented production base and business development assistance, between producers, distributors and consumers to build products exhibition and sale of high-quality platform.

May 8-11, 2015 days, initiated by the Chinese mushroom Business Network and the Joint China Vegetable Circulation Association co-sponsored the "China (Qingdao) International Edible new products and technology market circulation Expo Summit" will be in Qingdao City International agricultural Exhibition Center held a grand. The exhibition will bring together domestic and foreign edible fungus industry's latest scientific and technological achievements and reflect the technological innovation of thousands of products that will be the next to Famous display, publish innovations, technical exchanges and cooperation, and industrial capital projects docking situation analysis as the theme international edible fungus industry the whole industry chain, comprehensive exhibition.

Up to now, Jiang Su Lvya, Yunnan Baoshan Fuqun, Heilongjiang North taste, Black Dragon Jiang Shuangsong food, Nanchang Kodak, Jiangsu Suya, Ji Ning Xintai, Shandong, Henan Yue Shan agribusiness market, Xinjiang natural edible mushrooms cooperatives Yancheng love Phil, Shenzhen Rong Yi lighting, Qingyuan mushroom market, Shaanxi qinnan mushroom, mushroom Zhen Rong Chengdu, Henan Hong century, Shanxi O Kun quantum mountains of Shanghai, Liaoning pastoral, more than 300 well-known domestic enterprises and nearly a thousand more than the industry colleagues from more than 20 foreign representatives of the main producing provinces and the Netherlands, India, Turkey, Malaysia and other countries have confirmed to be involved in shows or exchange within 10,000 square meters of exhibition halls, in addition to the showing a large number of edible fungus production of high-end intelligent processing equipment, some distinctive and technological content of edible fungus deep processing products will be the highlight of the show, there are a large number of bacteria needed supplies of new products unveiled at the show. Up to more than 3,000 categories Products industry colleagues and consumers will present a Mushroom Industry Technology and visual

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Guangzhou Jiahuan - Qingdao International Edible Fair in May

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