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Guangzhou Jiahuan Ozone Generators are widely used safety and environmental protection

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Plus a wide ring of ozone because of security and environmental protection, anti-virus and can be sterilized their characteristics, are widely used in water and air sterilization menace. And life has brought us great convenience. So wide ring plus ozone generator, said the discovery to promote the use of ozone to improve our standard of living has made a tremendous contribution to ozone has a large effect. Plus a wide ring of ozone generator manufacturers for you to answer the following:

First, the characteristics plus a wide ring of ozone: ozone generator is based on the principle of lightning, developed! A, the nature of the ozone: 1. Under natural conditions, ozone is a pale blue gas. 2. There is a fishy odor, air after the thunderstorm has the taste. 3. at standard pressure and room temperature, the solubility in water is 13 times that of oxygen. 4. heavier than air, is 1,658 times that of air. 5. The ozone has strong oxidizing power, is one of the strongest known oxidants. 6. Typically, ozone and unstable, easily broken down into oxygen reduction. 7. Ozone molecules are diamagnetic, and easy to combine an electronic become anion molecules. 8. Restore the half-life of ozone in the air is 20 --- 50 minutes, with the increase of temperature and humidity quickly. 9. The half-life of ozone reduction for 35 minutes in water, with the increase of the water temperature is accelerated. 10. Ozone is extremely stable in ice to restore half of 2000. B, plus a wide ring of ozone disinfection compared with other advantages: A, ozone as a disinfectant gas, relying on its strong oxidizing generated against viruses, bacteria, mold and other harmful microbes to kill off a strong role. Compared with the conventional ozone disinfectant, no residue, no secondary pollution. B, ozone is a broad-spectrum, highly effective fungicides. In certain concentrations, ozone can quickly kill bacteria in air and water, sterilizing chlorine is more than twice the speed. More importantly, the reduction of the ozone into oxygen after the sterilization, and thus there is no residue and secondary pollution, which is a number of chemical agents can not be done. When ozone is used to disinfect the air, due to diffuse well, the presence of invisible ultraviolet irradiation sterilization, unlike the "shadow zone", so disinfect better. Ozone is highly soluble in water to generate ozone water (ten times the solubility of oxygen). Ozone dissolved in water in the process, in addition to the water to kill bacteria, but also the decomposition of organic matter and other harmful pollutants in water, while the water has decolorization.

Second, ozone is harmful research: the international scientific community for decades summary application information and data, and in-depth experiments systematically studied the impact of ozone on human physiology from 1950, including by age group, ozone exposure experiments. Experiments show that the application of ozone on human harmless.

Third, the use of ozone in the history of mankind: ozone application more than a hundred years of history, the development of scale and technological level has been greatly improved, some developed countries have formed a separate industry, Japan, Germany, France, the former Soviet Union and other countries from the scope of application of ozone air disinfection, disinfection treatment extended to the chemical, food, medical, semiconductor industry, the direct experimental study for the treatment of human disease has been successful. Fourth, the chemical formula of ozone O3, is an allotrope of oxygen, is an unstable pale blue gas at room temperature, has a fresh scent when trace. Ozone gas has strong oxidation ability, re-oxidation-reduction potential of the water after the fluorine potential 2.07V 2.78V, in second place, his ability to oxidation 1.36 times higher than that of chlorine, chlorine dioxide is 1.5 times. Because ozone has strong oxidation resistance, so the bacteria, fungi, viruses have a strong disinfection effect, this effect is usually physical, chemical and biological aspects of the combined effect. People use this feature to ozone sterilization, disinfection, deodorization, bleaching, decomposition of organic matter. Because oxygen reactive chemical, about thirty minutes at room temperature reduced to oxygen, ozone can not be stored, only to spot produced for immediate use. Fourth, the role of ozone: ozone sterilization in addition to outside, its strong ability to smell like smoke in the air, the smell, the smell, such as smell, the use of ozone can be removed, and can also kill airborne bacteria. Currently in many countries and regions, ozone application is very popular, as applied in drinking water disinfection, swimming pool water disinfection, aquaculture water disinfection, medical water disinfection, wastewater treatment, food and pharmaceutical factory air disinfection, treatment of disease, paper bleaching and other industries and field; at least a small civilian ozone electrical products, variety, has become an everyday necessities.

Fifth, promote the use of ozone in China: China is relatively backward in ozone and ozone product development applications. But in recent years, with the development and popularization of ozone knowledge of electronic technology, our ozone application development has also made great achievements. If China's most bottled drinking water production plants are using ozone water disinfection and preservation treatment; some drinking water equipment, filling machines, drinking fountains, water purifiers and other products, are fitted with ozone function; some Community water supply of the city also uses ozone treatment of water; some hospitals and factories have also been using ozone treatment of sewage; ozone treatment of the disease in China has also achieved some success; the use of ozone in the large warehouse for fresh fruits and vegetables were made much more success. Ozone appliances used in everyday life, such as ozone washing machines, fruit and vegetable ozone sterilizer, deodorant, air purifier, disinfection cabinets and other products, but also more and more people are welcome.

Six of ozone found: 1785, German people use motor found to produce an odor when the motor discharge. 1840 French scientist (Schonbein) this odor identified as O3, and named OZONE (ozone). After Since then, European scientists first began research the features and functions of ozone found broad spectrum of sterilization effect, the beginning of industrial production applications, where a beef company in Sweden for the storage of fresh beef ozone, since 1870, has been still in use.

Nature ozone

Human scientists tireless research into ozone technology, and now the characteristics and application of ozone has been very clear. In fact, nature, ozone is widespread, but concentrations vary greatly under different conditions, not easy to be aware of it people. It is now widely understood in the ozone layer, is a natural barrier to block the sun's ultraviolet, which is made after sunlight irradiation of a specific wavelength spectrum of air generated; after a thunderstorm people will breathe a special fresh taste is in fact increase the concentration of ozone in the air (usually around 0.04ppm), easy to be aware of, ozone concentrations increase the reason why is because lightning (high-voltage discharge) ionized oxygen in the air to form ozone; forest, tourism areas, particularly fresh air, is manufactured by the plant [O] in the process of absorption of CO2, oxygen atoms in the formation process, partially formed O2 (oxygen we breathe), forming part of O3 (ozone). Bacteria are everywhere in nature, in the breed rapidly under suitable conditions, after the discovery of bacteria in humans, even scared, fear of being eaten by bacteria in humans. Everything in nature are in equilibrium, it is not necessary to worry, now we can conclude that it is the ubiquitous nature of ozone and ultraviolet sunlight, in controlling the balance of bacteria to survive and protect human health. Seven basic properties of ozone disinfection principle research: the study of human discovery of ozone, ozone has strong oxidizing properties and unstable power. Ozone is an oxygen molecule (O2) to carry an oxygen atom (O) composition, so it is an allotrope of oxygen. Ozone and ozone applications mainly in artificial sterilization. This is mainly ozone has strong oxidizing ability, an oxygen atom can be oxidized bacterial cell wall, until penetrate the cell wall and its body compound and the unsaturated bond captured bacterial life, its role is instantly completed, the sterilizing effect of ozone rapid decision to its high reduction potential.

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Guangzhou Jiahuan Ozone Generators are widely used safety and environmental  protection

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